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Development Stats

Out of curiosity, I ran a program to tell me how many total lines of code there are in Caveman Craig 2 at this point. It returned with 9,830. Unfortunately the program wouldn’t work on earlier versions of Caveman Craig 1, but here are some other statistics:

There are 189 sprites (images/animations) in the current build of CC2. The final release of Caveman Craig 1 Special Edition had about 180 sprites, but half of these were alpha masks. The latest version of Game Maker supports alpha masks within a sprite, so in a sense there were only about 90 sprites in CC: SE.

The current project file for CC 2 is 10.6mb. This is without music, frontend art (the largest images in terms of file size), most of the sounds, and a large portion of the sprites (not to mention code although that’s very small). CC: SE was 10.1mb when it was finished.

On my rather powerful machine, Caveman Craig Classic begins to slow down after around 40 cavemen (idle, following craig). Caveman Craig: SE was an improvement, slowing down after about 80. Caveman Craig 2, however, can handle 150!

Perhaps the most amusing, though, is this:
Caveman Craig 1 took 30 days to complete.
Caveman Craig: SE took 2-3 months.
Caveman Craig 2 has so far been in development for 3 years.

Oh the shame.

5 Responses

  1. Audioworm

    Man, y’all are awesome. Do you have an estimation of when a demo will be released?

  2. Unless something personal comes up, we’re looking at a mid-year release.

  3. Chris

    i thought that was when the full game came out?