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Caveman Craig 2

After over 3 years, Craig is back, and ready to conquer the 4 tribes of boggdrop! Caveman Craig 2 provides a whole new twist while remaining faithful to all the things we know and love from the original!

  • Over 12 dinosaurs, including the T-rex that we love to fear!
  • A whole new twist on the original caveman craig experience – conquer the enemy’s territory to win each level!
  • Smarter cavemen can sleep, eat, improve their skills (eventually unlocking a special ‘veteran bonus’), and prioritise their tasks.
  • Unlock new gametypes, dinosaurs, bonuses, and play as other cavemen!
  • Includes a ‘classic’ mode, where you must build your tribe as large as possible while facing harder and more frequent threats – just like the original Caveman Craig!
  • Professional, high quality soundtrack by platinum-selling musician Ricky Garcia


Created by Rhys Andrews and Tim Andrews of Parabox Games
Additional art by Greg Vanderbeek
Original soundtrack by Ricky Garcia


One Response

  1. Flash

    Great game dude! Me and my friend must have played it for 10 hours.