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YoYo Games Competition #5

Hi everybody,
These Christmas holidays have been pretty constructive for me.
Game Maker 8 came out, and it’s been a lot of fun trying out the new features (PNG support!!).

I have been working on a solo project called “Oh No More Zombies!” on and off during the year, and it’s nearing its completion. It’s a simple wave-based shooter, mainly to keep me busy on the game design side @ times when Caveman Craig 2 couldn’t be worked on (recently we made the decision to wait until GM8 came out before continuing development on Caveman Craig 2 – this has lead me to working on Oh No More Zombies in the meantime).

Tim and I have also decided to design an entry for the new YoYo Games “Handheld” competition. We already have a concept and we’re working hard on getting it completed asap so that Caveman Craig 2 can have the attention it deserves.

Some might say that we shouldn’t be working on anything else until CC2 is completed, considering it’s a large project and it has a seemingly large anticipation brewing – we understand, but as a designer I feel the need to release side projects, even if small, from time to time, to keep my mind motivated on game design at all. Hopefully these 2 projects will get Tim and I’s wheel turning again.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

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  1. Kaspar

    Ok… I had a good christmas and a new year. I wish you luck in finishing CC-2, Even if its gonna take a long time.


    oh well al of your games are good ill be ready to play them try to get CC2 to not take one more year though

  3. i know the project has been on hold, but GM 8 has benn out for over a week, and i realy hope there was some work done. now how about that realease date estimate?

  4. @pickle dude
    If I give out a release date estimate, I then have an expectation to meet. Even if it IS an estimate, you would hold it against us if it weren’t met.

  5. can you show some more concept art then? the suspense is killing me!

  6. Andrew

    concept art would be nice. But, just wanted to say that your Compitition entry was great. It had an origanal touch to it that mad it more enjoyable. Keep it up Rhys Andrews!

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