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Download the Demo

Receive the demo FREE when you preorder Caveman Craig 2

Receive the demo FREE when you preorder Caveman Craig 2

Excitement is brewing as we come to the final stages of CC2′s production.

I have finished all my graphic work, and can (mostly) put my feet up as Rhys finishes up his programming duties on the game.

The last graphical things I had to make, were a series of icons to represent 22 “achievements” that can be… um… achieved in the game. Here are just a handful to whet your appetite:


Sneak Peek at Caveman Craig 2

Hey all!
I thought it were only fair to show you all the progress made on CC2 over the past 4 weeks.. and I’ve posted enough screenshots.

Below is a BETA Gameplay video with some annotation. It doesn’t come close to showing everything the game can do so far, but it should be enough to wet your appetite =)


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Hey guys,
I’ve setup a twitter account and facebook page so that you can follow development updates on Caveman Craig and other works in the comfort of your own social network.

Would love it if you followed us to help spread the word!
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Caveman Craig now available on Mac OS X!

Hi all,
I’m proud to announce I’ve a public BETA available for Caveman Craig for Mac.

This is the classic version, not the special edition, and therefore free to download HERE.

Please let me know how you go performance-wise and if you find any glitches. I’ve a high-end MacBook Pro so it can be difficult to get a good idea of how well it performs.

CC: SE for Mac is a larger obstacle to tackle but I am working on it in my spare time alongside my other projects.

Rhys Andrews

September’s “etc”

Dear all,
Just a quick update on things.

Speck was a bit of a failure on my end. I really liked the concept but hadn’t the motivation to complete the technical side of it all. So I’ve stored it away for now. Sorry about that!

Caveman Craig Classic and Caveman Craig: SE will be available for Mac pretty soon! I think I’ve got CC Classic working completely, but CC: SE has a few problems with sound that could be very time consuming to fix. I’m still working out distribution for CC: SE.

Caveman Craig 2 is at a slight halt but still near the front of my mind. I am waiting for an opportune time for Tim and I to start nailing down some animation and planning for that side of things. My mind just cannot keep up with all the placeholder sprites and what they all mean =P

Appreciate all your support,

Speck Update

Dear all,
The deadline for the ‘discovery’ comp is coming up quickly, and I don’t think I can realistically complete Speck in time.
Therefore I need to stop myself from rushing the development of Speck and consider the ideas, so screenshots will come later. =D

PS: Mac versions of Caveman Craig may be available soon!


“Speck” – TBC August 31st

Hey all,
To keep my game design fresh and exciting I like to work on a side project every so often. With the help from a friend of mine I developed a concept for a game which I’m hoping will be ready for the “Discovery” YYG competition which has a deadline of August 31st. The game is called “Speck”.

I’d like to keep information about the concept blurry both during and after the development of the game but the goal of the game is to “discover as much about Earth as you can before you burn out”, and is a solo project; I’ll be doing the music, graphics, and of course the programming.

Screenshots will appear on this blog entry later this afternoon, once I get home =)

Rhys Andrews

Core Engine for CC2 almost complete!

Hey guys,
The great thing about working at a private school is that I get holidays whenever the kids do (more or less – I still work but the hours are very flexible). So I’ve been kicking myself into completing some more work on Caveman Craig 2.

I’m getting closer to the point where I can say the core engine is almost complete. The game is “playable” and extensible. All the cavemen do what they’re supposed to and when they’re supposed to. Everything is in place. I do however need to spend some time optimising what I’ve done (which I have been doing anyway), as the game lags a little once there are 60 cavemen on the map with ‘something to do’. If there are 60 cavemen just walking around without any dinosaurs to kill or vegetation to gather, it’s still a consistent 60/60 frame rate. However, this is one of the major downfalls in having a Core i7 920 CPU and 6GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM… I can’t tell how slow a game is going to be on other machines when mine is overkill!

Once the core engine is complete and optimised, I can start working on expanding the game. This’ll include:

  • The “Director” – the little engine that’ll create dinosaurs, vegetation, and such. Much like the director that handles zombies in Left 4 Dead.
  • The enemy leader & tribe director – A CPU caveman that is able to perform everything, just like Craig. There’ll also need to be a second director which manages when enemy tribes create new cavemen, attack tribes, etc.
  • Dinosaurs, bonuses, and all that good substancey stuff.
  • I’m hoping, an explosion of conceptual sprites from Tim to start working on the visual element.

Thanks for your support, everyone.

Need your Help, Again!

Dearest fans,
I need your help once again!

In Caveman Craig, you have various bonuses which help you grow your tribe faster. Things like spits to cook carcasses, flaming rocks, and so on.

In Caveman Craig 2 we need a new type of bonus – something which will help defend parts of your land against enemy tribes. These sort’f bonuses can be purchased multiple times and placed whereve the player wants them. So, give me your ideas! And please, only ideas of bonuses which defend against enemy tribe cavemen, not suggestions for the game itself.

Some ideas I already have include a spike trap, fortification / wall, an outpost of sorts, and “maybe” a catapult.

Well, you wanted screenshots…

Here’s a (very, very, very early) screenshot from Caveman Craig 2. As you can see, very little has been done on the graphic side of Caveman Craig 2 – beyond the base running animation of Craig.

A gatherer hunts a green spot for meat

This comes later in the development process – most of our work has been behind the scenes.. the engine, artificial intelligence, all the concept on paper, etc.

If you can’t work out what’s going on in this shot, then I don’t blame you. Basically, the gatherer happens to have a spear (0_O, gossip!) which he’s using to kill green spots (herbivores, eventually). Why’s he glowing? Well, that’s his ‘throw spear’ animation for now.

Probably the coolest looking thing on this screen is the sun. Mainly created out of real-time effects, it glows and flickers. We’ll probably add some cool lens flare later on, but it’s mainly there to signify what time of day it is. It’s clearly around 12pm in this shot.

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