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We need tribe names!

Hi everyone,
I need your help again! We need some good and somewhat amusing tribe names for Caveman Craig 2. If it’s good enough, it will feature in the game and we might name the leader of that tribe whatever you like (within reason)!


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    Names umm
    The SGIARCS leader is called NAMEVAC SGIARC
    The UGGS leader is NUGG
    TEH 1337 leader is 1337 M4n
    The GMS leader is Fred
    I’m not sure these are great names but these are what I can think of now.

  2. Gamemorg

    First time poster, but I’d like to suggest:

    The croncussions – Leader: Banghed
    The snoggs – Leader: Romeo
    The infrom – Leader: T. Ourist
    The light-bulbs – Leader: TueHot

    I’m sure I’d either edit this or post again with some more soon ^_^

    Keep up the great work.

  3. Thanks Qwerty and Gamemorg.
    I like Uggs and Snoggs as team names, Nugg is an alright leader name too.

    Keep the suggestions coming!

  4. Arkatox

    Tribe Name: Obbik
    Tribe Leader: Argn Scarie

    Tribe Name: Wuunkah
    Tribe Leader: Berrk

    Tribe Name: Balgs
    Tribe Leader: Ernie

    Lol just some random ideas from the top of my head.


    Leader- Brown

    Leader- Anbacn

    Leader- Tini

  6. Arkatox

    I like that the Giants’ leader is called Tini.

    Actually, that sounds like a girl’s name.


    heres a couple more
    the GAGS leader Laff
    The Sig leader V.rus


    leader Stink

  9. Josh Hofing

    The Uringrorg
    Leader: Lord Gra-OhrDa

  10. 1Link889

    Tribe name: Regrog
    Leader name: Dagna

    Tribe name: Clebden
    Leader name: Grenace

  11. FirstCalamity

    EatBox – Hunting Tribe
    Leader: SnugSnug

  12. i think a tribe should be named the “Jixu Tribe” and thier chieftain is chief Juxis

  13. The Jixu live in a verry berrie filled area, and so they wear green. Conquering them gives you their safe, berry-filled territory that is still not without dangers.

  14. The Akwug Tribe lives at the fishing hole, and the territory gives you fishing ability and dangers from the water (floods, aquatic dinos..). o and their Chieftain is Chief Feesh

  15. The Isug tribe live in a glacier region, and thier leader is chief Snud

  16. There should be a map for choosing a tribe to attack.

  17. Rhys Andrews

    I don’t need terrain / what they wear / other suggestions about tribes… just tribe names and tribe leader names. Thanks!

  18. ok, Flin Tribe
    Leader is Chief Nilf

  19. Kaspar

    If Ya Still need em heres some:




  20. anoymous

    How about a boss tribe or whatever called … um… S.W.A.T. for Silly Willy Animal Team. At the very least the boss could be called giarc (which is the opposite of craig).

  21. Lordlyhour

    the oongowans, led by tarzan (makes more sense if you read farside)
    the orginization led by xemnas (a kingdom hearts joke for yez)

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