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Core Engine for CC2 almost complete!

Hey guys,
The great thing about working at a private school is that I get holidays whenever the kids do (more or less – I still work but the hours are very flexible). So I’ve been kicking myself into completing some more work on Caveman Craig 2.

I’m getting closer to the point where I can say the core engine is almost complete. The game is “playable” and extensible. All the cavemen do what they’re supposed to and when they’re supposed to. Everything is in place. I do however need to spend some time optimising what I’ve done (which I have been doing anyway), as the game lags a little once there are 60 cavemen on the map with ‘something to do’. If there are 60 cavemen just walking around without any dinosaurs to kill or vegetation to gather, it’s still a consistent 60/60 frame rate. However, this is one of the major downfalls in having a Core i7 920 CPU and 6GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM… I can’t tell how slow a game is going to be on other machines when mine is overkill!

Once the core engine is complete and optimised, I can start working on expanding the game. This’ll include:

  • The “Director” – the little engine that’ll create dinosaurs, vegetation, and such. Much like the director that handles zombies in Left 4 Dead.
  • The enemy leader & tribe director – A CPU caveman that is able to perform everything, just like Craig. There’ll also need to be a second director which manages when enemy tribes create new cavemen, attack tribes, etc.
  • Dinosaurs, bonuses, and all that good substancey stuff.
  • I’m hoping, an explosion of conceptual sprites from Tim to start working on the visual element.

Thanks for your support, everyone.

7 Responses

  1. spongedude

    Awesome! The director, eh? So, the enemies won’t come randomly! So cool!!

    I hope rival can have the bonuses as well.

  2. @spongedude
    Yeah, I’m hoping that the game will have a bit more logic as to when particular dinosaurs appear. It will be dependant on what time of day, difficulty, etc.

  3. Daniel

    Great, keep up the good work! Been wondering when this will come out :D

  4. spongedude

    Rhys stated it will came out this christmas.

  5. QWERT ( Yubs)

    Havn’t checked on this for a while. Can’t wait to see some screenies!!!!!

    Awesome I hope it comes out this year…

  6. spongedude

    Rhys Andrews

    Oppss!! I think i heard it from the wrong source. Sorry….

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