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Some new info about Caveman Craig 2, give us your bonus ideas!

*EDIT 28th JUNE* – No longer accepting comments for this post; I needed ideas for BONUSES, anything else please submit to “Post your Suggestions!”. Thanks.

Hey guys!
Great to be able to post again, I hope you’ve not all run away! But I bet you have =

We’re still planning Caveman Craig 2 and putting together the concept, as it’s going to be more than just ‘better graphics, better performance, and new features’. But indeed, there will be a hoobload more new bonuses – they just won’t be ‘bonuses’ as such, but instead expansions and improvements you can make to your tribe and cave. This is important as in Caveman Craig 2, you won’t just be defending your own cave from other tribes and dinosaurs, but you will need to plan attacks on other tribes to become more and more powerful.

So, I’d really like to hear some suggestions for bonuses and expansions to the cave, or specialised cavemen etc that you guys might have. If it’s good enough, we’ll include it! The more the better. Currently we only have 23 bonuses that we’ll be including.

On top of the new found importance of bonuses and tribal warfare, here’s a few ideas we are planning on integrating:

  • More identifiable cavemen, with clothing and accessories.
  • You will no longer train hunters to dodge – all cavemen will know how to dodge by default. I mean, it’s basic instinct, you shouldn’t have to throw rocks at their precious heads.
  • A majority of (or perhaps all of) the preparers will be female. Is that sexist? I don’t know. Tell me if it is xD
  • Cavemen will have humane needs. Their lack of sleep affects their performance and they can eat to regain health. It won’t be like having a 100-person Sims family, getting them all to sleep and go to the toilet before they crap their pants. It will be based on a very simple scheduling feature.
  • The day will progress. You will likely get attacked by other tribes at night, and you’ll have the most huntable herbivores in the morning. Making cavemen sleep when they are least needed will help the flow of your cave – you won’t just fail based on luck.

Hope that’s enough to get you drooling again. Oh, and how about a nice piece of concept art?

26 Responses

  1. UnrealDiego

    Fast question: Is Caveman Craig 2 going to be freeware?

  2. No.
    There will be a demo available, however – and we’ll be generous there.

  3. UnrealDiego

    Well that’s ok. But please: Make the game easy moddable. Then i would pay for it. Because i want to have really long fun with this game.

  4. We’re planning to do something like that..

  5. Orc Leader

    I scared, thinking about your caveman, but with some hair. Heh. . .
    I don’t think it is sexist, but I don’t really care. Everything looks good so far though.

  6. bug dude11

    I suggest you make it so you are able to attack the enemy tribe.


    uh bug dude didnt you read that you will attack other tribes?
    well looks good so far
    rhys did you get my pm on yoyogames?
    it had a couple of things im just wondering

  8. TheBlack Lamb

    I have an idea to add some variety to CC2, Have it during the Ice Age.

    Well, yeah. You would have to redo all of the enemies and some minor AI fixes [as well as a whole redo in the graphics sector], but those are also the upsides. Everything would be COMPLETELY NEW!!!
    It was just a far-fetched idea. :D

    Also, in CC-SE, I didn’t like the rock-man bonus or the tree bonus (the rock always killed the spitting dinos before I could kill them, and the tree never really produced bushes). I personally would prefer there to be more +1 caveman bonuses :D

    P.S. Please add an ability to switch cavemen from worker type to worker type in CC2 (I have 5-8 preparers in CC-SE and only 3-4 hunters. It doesn’t work.)

  9. Shep

    Oh sorry, I forgot something.

    I really like the ideas you have.
    And no, I don’t really care about there not being any women, though maybe it would be better for the gatherers and preparers to be women, and then have hunters and some fighter type to be men. :D

  10. QWERTY

    hmm actually that would make sense since that how it was a while ago
    but maybe add a couple of the men in the preparers and hunters
    also one thing i regret to add……
    uh when creating more cavemen will it just be the same just click and caveman appears……
    or since there is women caveman and age in the game now it will be………..
    i hate making this part of the comment

  11. Shep

    Keep it to the click and appear, because kids (AHEM) do play this game…
    But I think that a strict boy-girl thing would fit into how it used to be =D

  12. Vinicius

    I give it some thought and… well, we’re talking abot stone age tribes right? shouldn’t they have the choice to be cannibalist when there’s lack of food? When other tribes attack you you could, you know, kind of eat them as well! (go flesh!).

    and here’s another idea: why kill all of them? heal the injured ones and they will become part of your tribe in return ( preparers would be taught how to heal not only injured enemies, but also people from your own tribe ). How abou that?

  13. skaternate

    Sounds Great! i do have a few ideas though.
    1. different themes. snow, desert, tropical, whatever.
    2. building cavemen. by that i mean a type of caveman you can teach to make barriors, or catapults ect. maby even tool or weapon makers/suply getters.
    3. im not shure about this idea, but maby a multiplayer mode. like you each have a cursor controled with arrow keys/WASD.

  14. Brad

    Woah, I just got the SE and it so beats the origanal.
    Here are my suggestions:
    -A leveling system for hunters… In this way, after a caveman has killed so many dinos, his level goes up, and this will improve his attacking.
    -After time an Icon will appear over a hunters head indicating that he needs sleep. After clicking it, he’ll go to sleep until he regularly wakes up, or if someone is under attack. If he doesn’t get sleep, his accuracy, and possibly his attack will graduly decrease.
    -Have the ability to attack other tribes, and take over their land.
    -Diffuculty levels
    -(This may go against the title ”CAVEMAN’Craig’) The ability to advance in ages such as: Stone Age to Iron Age to Dark Age to Fuedal Age… That type of thing.
    -If you do a great deed, like obliterating a tribe, and taking their land, you get a free special unit like: Hero Cubb Crud, or King Cubb Crud. They might be armed with a crude javlin or spear, and have twice the attack as a regular hunter, this may also be just a regular, yet rare bonus for killing 220 raptors or something.

  15. Vinicius

    Maybe instead of storing food on caves created by Mother Earth and stuff, there could be Diggers, who would dig bigger and bigger in order to make a really safe place to put food away from hungry dinos ;D

    of course you have to keep certain dificulty on the game, or else it will get boring. Diggers work as much as they eat, which is a lot, so you would need a certain amount of food before start getting diggers like crazy.
    Also, you would be notified of a digging limit, and if you get any further in this tunnel or whatever shaped-like complex you build, the whole thing would fall apart and people inside would get smashed like little ants (which may sound funny, but it’s not).

  16. Thanks for all your suggestions, but can you keep them to the “POst your Suggestions!” page? This blog is meant for suggestions of achievable bonuses in CC2, not general suggestions.

  17. Arkatox

    You should be able to explore caves of other cavemen. I’d love that feature.

  18. random guy

    i think you sould be able to build villages by talking over differnt tribes with differnt habbitats and so fourth. oh and you sould have rare incounters from aliens and so forth and you sould have the cavemen and women to be able to grow up and while they grow up they have traits build in them that leads to there possion in the tribe. speaking of
    that the cavemen sould be able to talk to each other it be cool to wander around the map and find a gatherer’s discussing how to drag a t-rex back to the cave and see them struggle till they find a way. but thats jus me i would just like to see you try.

  19. Rhys

    @random guy
    So, The Caveman Sims? They’re good ideas, but I want to keep the game simple. So horizontal expansion but not vertical (expanding on what’s already there, not implementing new concepts)

    Can we please keep suggestions to BONUS ideas?

  20. pik-pik

    how about a mirical system where if we sacrafice enough food (like enough for 3 people) we get 3 options,1. a lot of bushes grow,2. all people work 2X as fast for 25 seconds,3. go raid a diffrent cave

  21. Arkatox

    Hey, Rhys, in the first game (I never bought the expansion, but I plan to soon) the berries almost never grew after a while, so please make the berries more common in this game.


    . . . Bonus ideas, eh?

    Maybe you could later release a game called Caveman Craig 2: Ice Age Expansion.

    Hey Rhys, how much is CC2 going to cost?

  22. 1Link889

    I don’t think that women cavemen are sexist at all, and i agree, how much will CC 2 cost?

  23. 1Link889

    Also, it would be a good idea to, not to be racist or anything, have black and white skinned cavemen, ya know. It would help to add variety and stuff.

  24. Arkatox

    Good point, 1Link889.

  25. Marcling

    Your name says it all.You are an idiot,caveman craig is the best game maker gamer ever.Anyways caveman craig needs evolution in technology specifically in weapons,and it needs scientists who speed up technology and help you get stuff.None of this is needed but are pretty cool ideas.

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