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Caveman Craig Special Edition – Patch 1.1

Hi everyone!
Yep, just a few days in and we have a patch released for Caveman Craig: Special Edition. It fixes 2 very minor bugs and adds some text on the top-right hand corner of the main menu showing the application version (the version of the executable) and the patched version (The version after applied patches).

The patch system is pretty nifty, it will allow buyers of the game to fix bugs and even receive new features without having to buy the game again. The patch files are tiny (1.1 is 3 kilobytes) and very easy to install.

When you buy a copy of Caveman Craig: SE, the executable has all patch changes already implemented, so older patches are not necessary to download. However, if you’ve already bought a copy of CC: SE, this patch is worth grabbing.

As always, report any  bugs or issues here regarding the patch or Caveman Craig: SE itself.


3 Responses

  1. Zach

    Can i get a list of bonuses nad what u have to do to earn them. please

  2. Doesn’t it spoil the fun finding all that out without playing to find out?

    Anyway. I’ll be putting the bonuses up on the site at some point – when I get ’round to it.


  3. cal

    I get irritated by getting the same reward over and over. I can’t wait for 200 herbivores later if I don’t get a teacher! Oh and by the way, I think there’s gonna be more problem solving. Sorry! But, I still reckon it’s money well spent.

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