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March’s Etc

Hello all!
It’s been a fantastic couple of weeks for Parabox Games, pushing through our first major launch and all the promotion that proceeds it.

Almost all the feedback for Caveman Craig 2 has been extremely positive, and it’s very encouraging to see the interest growing in a number of indie game communities.

We are now making plans for our next projects and goals. We hope to be making some announcements soon, so do stay tuned! We are also participating in a very exciting indie game cause in the next week and will keep you updated.

Support Caveman Craig 2!
While we are doing all that we can to promote Caveman Craig 2 to the masses and give it the attention we think it deserves, we believe that the support and response of the fans gives the best impression. If you do love Caveman Craig 2, please consider supporting the game so that others can love it too!

Some ways you can support us include..

  • Tell your friends about the game! If they like it, encourage them to follow our and pages to stay updated on our future projects.
  • Know any indie game reviewers or journalists? We would love to get in touch with them! Please send us an email, and link them to our press release!
  • Have any thoughts on the game? Write up a review of the game and post it to us, either here as a comment, on our IndieDB page, or our YoYo Games page!
  • Post about Caveman Craig 2 on any gaming forums that you are a part of!
  • If it’s your sort of thing, why don’t you put together a “Let’s play” or video review of Caveman Craig on youtube?
  • Like, vote up, or rate posts appropriately on other sites relating to Caveman Craig 2! Consider rating the demo in the two locations where they are available: indieDB and YoYo Games

“Carbon Based Caveman”
Ricky Garcia has released the last track in the Caveman Craig 2 soundtrack on his soundcloud page. You can find the rest of the soundtrack on here too!


3 Responses

  1. Amos

    I’ve encouraged a few friends of mine who are into indie games to buy Caveman Craig 2. I have also made a couple of flattering comments on yoyogames =D Unfortunately, that is all I have the means to do for now.

  2. Jordan

    I don’t feel like this game has gotten the publicity it deserves, but I could be wrong. How many copies have you guys sold? I would love to know.

  3. Noep

    I really love the game, its great!
    I’ve found a bug tho;

    A dino had craig in his mouth, and killed me at the same time my hunters killed the dino. Craig just layed on the ground, I could not spend credits to make him alive again (the option did not show), and I waited for 5 min but he did not get alive again.

    Still, thanks a lot for the game, I love it