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Listen to a track from the Caveman Craig 2 Soundtrack

Hey all,
Two days ago we revealed our CC2 official trailer, and also one of the 5 or so Caveman Craig 2 tracks composed by Ricky Garcia.

Today we have a 2nd track to reveal. This one’s called “Bokk Rock”. Maybe you can tell that our naming skills are pretty miserable, but hey, did you know there are only about 150 words in the ancient caveman language? FACT!

7 Responses

  1. Chris

    Alright so I got my mother to preorder this for me, and I’ve gotten pretty far in the game….so far that I can play Raptor’s Revenge and I found this bug. What look like gatherers throwing spears while changing directions in one spot.

  2. Amos

    This music is great! This one is my favorite that I’ve heard so far. Where can this be heard in the game?

  3. Shackel

    Through my experience in playing the game, I have ran into several annoying “fatal errors.” Most of them have occurred when playing the Classic mode. In particular:
    1. One was caused when I bought the extra bushes reward and subsequentally clicked on it. I believe that this might have been caused by a collision error with my wall and catapult in front of the cave…?
    2. The other one occurred immediately after loading up the game (I saved and reloaded in order to place all of my cavemen at the top of the info panel list, which I feel would be better if this was done automatically), and I found that all 70+ of my pet dinosaurs had loaded on top of one another and were unable to move. The error then occurred about five to ten seconds later, and I am unable to continue that game due to the same error.

    I also thought that the final challenge was a little bit out of left field. While it was interesting as a mini-game, playing it felt like everything that I had learned about playing this game up to that point was useless and thus became slightly annoying.

    I hope that this doesn’t sound like a rant, because I have enjoyed Caveman Craig, and I have followed the making of Craig 2 for these past four years, I just feel like some of these errors would be nice to address.

    Thanks, Shackel.

  4. Hi Shackel,
    Thanks so much for your thoughts. We’ve since fixed some bugs relating to saving/loading and buying the hedge reward. You can access the updated executable via the details we sent by email.

    I’ll do some digging with regards to your 2nd point, and ensure that Classic mode is as bug free as possible upon release. You’ll be able to download small ‘fix’ files to place into the ‘patches’ folder.

    We appreciate your thoughts with regards to the final mini game. Send us an email and we can discuss this further.

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