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Don’t forget to pre-order!

Hey everyone,

With the majority of my animation work done on CC2, I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you to pre-order the game!

Over the past few years that we’ve been working on this great sequel, I’ve also had the opportunity to work on a number of animated TV shows and films (Disney’s Kick Buttowski, Big Green Rabbit, Wakkaville and feature film; Santa’s Apprentice – just to name a handful) which have fueled and nurtured my animation skills beyond what you would have seen in the original Caveman Craig game. This is just one small reason to have confidence that CC2 is gonna be great!

CC2 has over 12 new dinosaurs. There are 4 challenging stages in which you must defeat 4 different enemies (we’re keeping the last one especially secret!). There are also 5 or so bonus levels and minigames between each stage. There’s a big rewards catalogue with well over 35 items you can buy to help Craig through the levels. Things like catapults, mammoths, natural disasters and lookout towers.

As an incentive to pre-order the game, we are offering “Caveman Craig: Special Edition” as a freebie to those who preorder before the game’s release. We’re hoping the game will come out early in the new year. Get onto to preorder.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Treat yourself (or someone you tolerate) to a preorder of CC2!

8 Responses

  1. Amos

    Wow, Tim does work for Disney? That is incredible! I just bought a performance pc, and I look forward to seeing this beautiful game in action on it, as well as, a few other games like swtor.


    Dude your a Indie Developer LEGEND!!!! Can I get an autographed Caveman Craig Plush???

  3. harvey

    Is the last enemy craigs evil twin brother?

  4. Amos

    Do you help in the creative process, or is rhys in charge of the story?

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