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How’s things going?

Hey everybody.
I haven’t posted here in a while, there just hasn’t been anything special happening other than the development of new additions.

However, with only a few weeks away from release, we can safely give you a list of the new features that Caveman Craig: SE will include. We are also putting the new Caveman Craig website together. To see its progress (keep in mind this is still being designed so you may see placeholder text and so on), visit

Caveman Craig: SE will be a revamp on the original, award-winning indie game. For only $5.99 US, any Caveman Craig fan can enjoy these additional new features:

  • Rewritten engine for optimised performance and elimination of glitches.
  • 6 new bonuses, including pet dinosaurs, meteor strikes, and more.
  • The ‘dilophosaurus’, a frilled-neck dino that spits poison at his prey.
  • No limit on the frequency of your saves!
  • A brand new and challenging minigame – ‘Meteor Shower’ (as well as the old ‘raptor’ minigame, which is recreated to be more enjoyable).
  • Prioritise your gatherers and preparers to choose fruit over meat, or vice versa!
  • Gather up your hunters to take down dinosaurs together!
  • An extended map size, now twice as long as in CC Classic!
  • Remastered, high quality sound, and a whole new soundtrack!
  • Probably some other stuff that I’ve forgotten!

I hope this entices you guys to purchase a copy. Remember, by spending just a few dollars on this very special edition of Caveman Craig, you are supporting and funding our development of Caveman Craig 2, as well as other projects that Tim and I are working on, for both YoYo Games competitions and commercial sales.

Rhys Andrews

5 Responses

  1. pktninja

    Cool, i’m exited for the release. I hope all is going well and when the release is final I hope it to goes well!

    Good luck!

  2. hey, have you ever considered trying to get xfire support for it. it would boost the community. if enough people post at
    they might support it.

  3. cal

    :jaw drops open: WOW! A few weeks left! YAY! Caveman craig was lacking the “professional sheen” if that’s the right word the first time I played it.Now I am hooked. Following this blog has opened my eyes a little more as to what it takes to create a showstopping game! By the way, how much is $5.99 in pounds sterling???

  4. hi, will tax be added to the price. I’ll buy it either way, i just want to know.

  5. There’s no tax on the game.