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It is with great excitement that we announce this pre-order deal for Caveman Craig 2: The Tribes of Boggdrop! The long-awaited and highly anticipated sequel to the award winning indie hit will be available sometime between now and 2012 (so you get a chance to play before the world ends).

After over 2 years, Craig is back, and ready to conquer the 4 tribes of boggdrop! Caveman Craig 2 provides a whole new twist while remaining faithful to all the things we know and love from the original!

  • Over 12 dinosaurs, including the classics and a grakload of new frightening threats!
  • Featuring a whole new gameplay experience in which you must take over 4 increasingly difficult tribes with unique Craig equals!
  • Smarter cavemen can sleep, eat, improve their skills (eventually unlocking a special ‘veteran bonus’), and prioritise their tasks.
  • Over 3 extra gametypes including ‘Classic/Survival’, where you must build your tribe as large as possible while facing harder and more frequent threats – just like the original Caveman Craig!

Pre-order Caveman Craig 2 for just $9.99 US, and get all these additional benefits because you’re all so awesome:

  • You will receive Caveman Craig 2 a week before everyone else
  • You also get a FREE copy of Caveman Craig: SE to keep you entertained while you wait!
  • Finally, we’ll chuck in an exclusive content pack including a CC2 wallpaper and some BETA screenshots.

In preparation for the CC2 launch, the Caveman Craig website has been completely redesigned. Go there NOW to pre-order the game and check out our other Caveman Craig games if you haven’t already!

The private BETA is being distributed to a few friends and family members for testing over this weekend. The focus for this round of testing is on enjoyability, replay value, the game mechanic, and learning curve – of course, bug and glitches will be found too along the way and we’ll be working on those.

Once this is done, we will be completing the frontend/HUD stuff, creating each level in the conquest gametype, and then putting together all the other gametypes.

Thankyou all so much for your support!
Rhys & Tim

6 Responses

  1. Takeer

    Wow, ive been waiting for this game for such a loooong time, and it’s great to finally find out thats its actually coming out! This is a great game and i really think it’s worth buying. Congrats on this game, hope you get a lot of sales, you really deserve it!

    • Thanks mate :) We really appreciate it.
      It’s a real joy to be entering our final stages after so long!

      YES, this will be worth the $9.99 to anybody who loves casual indie games.

  2. Andy

    Awesome – really looking forward to it.

    Is this deal only for the PC version? Will the iOS/Android versions be sold separately?

  3. Looking forward to it! Although I can’t buy it… Maybe I will next time! Loving the game now! :D

  4. Anonymous

    I have been waiting since you started,
    I cannot, unfortunetly, pre-order until Tuesday, which I hope it will not be out by then :D D