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Suddenly, cavemen. Thousands of them!

Only the most fanatic of you all will ever get close to this number (~60) of cavemen, I’d expect.. unless you cheat of course.

On a technical note, I still had a full 40/40 framerate! .. Well, until I bought the ‘triple rock’ bonus and a river of rocks streamed through the terrain wiping out every dinosaur in sight.


6 Responses

  1. Andrew

    THAT… IS… AMAZING =O!!!! Keep it up, Rhys!

  2. Amos

    lol that is so epic! i’m so stoked for this game. this is among my top anticipated games right now.

  3. Awesome!!!! Uhmm… 40 FPS? Not 100 FPS? Is there Caveman Craig Forums?

    • 40 is the target frame-rate. If I turned off frame limiting it would be more like 140fps. So long as it doesn’t drop behind 40 nobody will notice any performance drop.

  4. Audioworm

    This is looking so much more awesome every update! Do you have a price in mind for when it’s released?

  5. Tim

    This is the closest thing you will get to a Caveman Craig forum right now, though I’m sure you can talk about it in other gaming communities.

    We have a price in mind, but will reveal it later.

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