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Vote for us in the GMC Cage-Match!

The three winners of the Ancient Civilisation Competition at YoYo Games, which includes Caveman Craig, Ancient Ants Adventure, and Tut’s Test, was chucked into the new edition of the GMC Cagematch, where users vote for their favourite game and the winner goes onto the next round.

Caveman Craig won the first round, and is now up against the winner of the previous YoYo Games competition, Frozzd. This game is all in fun, but why don’t you help us out and vote for what you think is your favourite game of the two? Click here:

In Other News
Tim and I are working hard on the special edition of Caveman Craig, and while we do that new ideas are spilling out for Caveman Craig 2, so in effect we are working on both. There’s a whole list of goodies we’re adding to the special edition, so we’re both very excited. We are also designing the official Caveman Craig website, which will be home to all our downloads, our e-store, and will also link back to this blog (which will not be dying!).

Thanks everybody
Rhys Andrews

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  1. aj1335

    can someone post a link to were u vote because i cant figure it out

  2. Pufje

    @ aj1335
    you first need to create an account before you have permission to vote

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