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Caveman Craig 1 Special Edition

Hi, everybody.
Tim and I are happy to announce that we are developing a special edition of the original Caveman Craig, as a side project for our anticipated sequel. The special edition will include:

  • New bonuses
  • A gigantic map
  • New dinosaurs
  • Rewritten engine for faster performance and more intelligent cavemen
  • More tactical control of your cavemen
  • Many more features, some yet to be decided!

Tim and I will be taking many of your suggestions into consideration, especially those which we would’ve liked to implement but couldn’t because of time or engine restrictions, which are now removed. Caveman Craig SE will be perfect for anyone who spent hours playing Caveman Craig and supporting us so loyally. The game will be available in a month or so, for less then ten dollars. It will likely be released with the launch of our new Caveman Craig website.

Thanks for your support
Rhys Andrews

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  2. Craig

    These games are beyond awesome! (It helps my names Craig too)

  3. Craig

    Also ut would be cool if 2 gatherers could drag in a triceratops.

  4. @cavemangraigfan
    if you were really a fan you wouldn’y mind paying a little bit of money for it.
    i have some game making experience and i would love to help out with the game.
    email me.

  5. please let me help out with this and cc2.
    email me. I want to help.

  6. @oracleworks
    I Know But That’ll Still Not Be Fair!!! :-(

  7. Why isn’t it fair? Do you think it’s fair that we spend all our time developing games for an audience who is not willing to do anything in return other than whine about wanting to help out? I’m afraid that this is just how the world works.

  8. if you want a free game, make it yourself. people have beater things to do than make games for ungrateful brats. i make games, and if this is how my audience will treat me. then I’m not giving customer support. why, cus i ,like rhys and tim, have a life.

  9. currie

    I think you should make it free up until the end of the first
    t-rex when you have to pay to continue. I think thats giving people a good idea of just how insanley addictive it is. :P

  10. Oh What Ever But If It’s Over $10 Then i Ain’t Buying (DON’T ARGUE)

    • spongedude

      cavemancraigfan my ass!! your are the most selfish, cheapest man ( or woman ) ever lived on earth !! you don’t really deserve CC2 !!

  11. First you ask if you can help with Caveman Craig, then you whine about our marketing directions, and now you’re asking me to help you make a game?

    You don’t seem very supportive of us at all, I don’t see why I should have any desire to help you.

  12. Hey Rhys I’ll Buy it How Much? (If It’s Out Yet)

  13. CC2 Sounds Like It’s Gonna Be Awsome!!! :P This Will Be Good To!!! I’m Bouncing In Excitement!!!

  14. Jr. Craig… you OWN that fan-site. Why are you promoting it as if you didn’t create it?

    Caveman Craig SE isn’t out yet, it will be out in a month or two.

  15. CAN’T WAIT!
    -chris, biggest CC fan of all :P

  16. wait do i have to BUY it? :(

  17. kr_default

    Hey Rhys,
    I’ve got alot of ideas for CC: SE or CC2, mostly dinosaurs.
    Gameplay Changes:
    Advanced Training Lvl 1 and 2 – A long lived, useful caveman who has done great at what is required should be able to undergo advanced training. The first advanced training is basically an enhancement in all what its good at and the 2nd makes it alot better in a new way.

    Hunters Advanced Training 1 – Make them more accurate and deal more damage, move slightly faster, duck with better timing and have more health. Should make them a darker red with a black stripe.
    Hunters Advanced Training 2 – Increases health slightly more, gives the caveman a spear to for if things get close and personal, spear should cause more damage than rock but only used when something is in range. They should be dark red with two black stripes.

    Gatherers Advanced Training 1 – They should have more health, gather berrys faster and move alot faster with and without dragging a dinosaur. Should be a more orange yellow with a white stripe.
    Gatherers Advanced Training 2 – They should have slightly more health, but have a great new ability can call normal or more advanced gatherers to drag bigger dinosaurs, including triceratops. Should be a nearly orange with 2 white stripes.

    Preparers Advanced Training 1 – Should have more health, should prepare meat and berrys alot faster. Should be a slightly marone colour with a gold stripe.
    Preparers Advanced Training 2 – Should have slightly more health, should be able to keep dinosaur meat fresh by doing a gathering like thing for 5 seconds and it should keep it fresh for a longer period of time. Should be a full darker maroon with 2 gold stripes.

    New Cavemen:
    Defenders – Gray cavemen who are not as good at fighting as Hunters but can hold dinosaurs from getting near the base and also defend Craig if he is in trouble, they are armed with a stick.
    Defenders Advanced Training 1 – Should have a huge ammount more health. Should be dark grey with a dark blue stripe.
    Defenders Advanced Training 2 – Should have slightly more health and a shield instead of a stick used to push dinosaurs back but cause less damage. Should be black with 2 dark blue stripes.

    Healers – Green cavemen who heal injured cavemen slowly and grow herbs in the base which can be eaten by craig or any injured cavemen. Only 1 herb at a time per healer.
    Healers Advanced Training 1 – Has more health, herbs grow faster when a healer is near them and heals people faster.
    Healers Training 2 – Has slightly more health, and heals itself extremely fast when not in battle.

    Spinosaurus – I don’t know how to add this without making the game not as enjoyable, but its my favourite dinosaur so I mention it.
    Anklyosaurus – A heavily armoured dinosaur, should be hard to kill and when it reaches any cavemen it swings it spikey tail which causes serious damage to cavemen, but the anklyosaurus is slow. Requires a adv training 2 gatherer and 4 normal or higher gatherers to carry back.

    Pteradon – Should be fairly weak and a single rock should kill it, but you cannot hit them until they swoop down low at someone. Any gatherer can carry it back, worth more food then a green dinosaur but less than a raptor.

    Allosaurus – Should be very rare, but essentially a half sized t-rex which should come without warning but again very rarely, should move the same speed and die half as easy as t-rex. Should require 2 or 3 adv training gatherers and 6 or 8 normal or higher gatherers to drag it to your base. Should last a long time.

    I have to go for now I’ll add more for everything later including a dinosaur riding caveman, a new big feature of the game incorparating 4+ extra creatures.
    If you want me to e-mail all of the ideas together or something can you tell me the e-mail adress to use.


  18. William Marmont

    I’m a huge Caveman Craig fan. I didn’t know about it until the end of the competition, though. I am such a huge fan that I would pay any amount of money for the special edition. I like kr_default’s ideas. rhys, could you make a website for game suggestions? to anyone who wanted to help with the game: you are helping if you support the game and make suggestions for it.

    Caveman Craig. A game that couldn’t be copied even by the best of game creators. YEAH!

  19. aracnox

    Yeah I don’t think my parents would let me pay for this.

  20. AracnoX

    Because they don’t care about games.

  21. Pufje

    you said “Rewritten engine for faster performance and more intelligent cavemen”
    what is new on the next version that makes the cavemen more intelligent? running away from t-rex? plucking only the biggest bushes of berries?

  22. Well, a lot of their ‘intelligence’ won’t be too noticable, they are more ‘bug fixes’ and picking wiser decisions.

    However, you will see Hunters prioritising the enemies that they attack, dinosaurs thinking a bit better (triceratops’ wont keep butting their head if you’re standing just behind it), and so on. While I was hoping to have gatherers and preparers run away from T-Rex’s, Tim and I decided to instead have the player able to get fully-trained cavemen to follow you. This puts in the challenge of you having to escort the cavemen yourself, so the T-Rex is still dangerous and it’s up to the player how much damage is made.


  23. @arocnax
    oh, i thought is was like. they’d let you buy a game from a big publisher like ea, but they don’t let you get this

  24. @arocnax
    oh, i thought is was like. they’d let you buy a game from a big publisher like ea, but they don’t let you get this.

  25. First you ask if you can help with Caveman Craig, then you whine about our marketing directions, and now you’re asking me to help you make a game?

    You don’t seem very supportive of us at all, I don’t see why I should have any desire to help you.

    oh, wait, was that aimed towards me, or someone else.

  26. aj1335

    which is coming out first caveman carig SE or caveman craig 2.

  27. Caveman Craig SE. It is a bridge-product between Caveman Craig and Caveman Craig 2. Coincidentally, it will be “Caveman Craig 1.5″

  28. deaddude

    I have some ideas for the game if you are taking any.
    Have water that you cavemen (and yourself) can swim in. the water would also add other dinosaurs.

    when larger dinosaurs die, they can be brought into your cave with more than one gatherer hauling them.

    have builder cavemen that can expand your cave so more dinos can be prepared at once. (the builders might require material? I dont know haow it would work)

  29. spongedude


    Your are a cheapskate, if i were you, i wouldn’t mind paying a million dollars for SE and the upcoming CC2. i think your name doesn’t fits you at all.

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