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New Video!

This video isn’t just a bit of teaser gameplay in CC2, but also a demonstration on our Parabox Console.. If you’re a Game Maker developer, you might find this tool very useful!


7 Responses

  1. Andrew

    (Around 1:20 in the video) Can Craig jump now? Or was that… somthing else–?

    • Eheh, nah. Do you have annotations turned on? They explain what’s going on (it’s easier to read them if you watch the video on youtube instead of embedded here). I was using the console to ‘throw’ craig up in the air.

  2. Clevin

    The game looks AMAZING! I wish I understood more about code, because the Parabox Console looks very useful.

  3. Brandon

    Is the raptor following Craig as a pet?

    • Tim

      It’s trying to chase him.
      We’ve still got a long way to go, and as Rhys wrote on the video, the raptor actually got stuck. All will be fixed!

  4. I should have fixed it via the console, in the video!
    Just needed to set the raptor’s alarm[1] to ~80 and set his target to nobody.