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Exciting News on the CC2 Front

Hi everyone!
I have been on and off searching for a suitable musician to produce a quality soundtrack for Caveman Craig 2. In the original game, Tim and I whipped up some very basic tribal music just to give a bit of background noise. This time we’re trying to be just a little more ambitious!

We’re very pleased to announce that Ricky Garcia will be composing the OST for Caveman Craig 2. Ricky is a berklee graduate with some impressive credentials: he was the guitarist for platinum selling pop-rock group “LaFee”, and has worked/played with some world class greats – including Jordan Rudess (of Dream Theater) and Steve Vai. Ricky’s making a move into film and video game soundtracks, and we hope that CC2 is the musical canvas he’s been looking for!

We hope to give you some snippets of what will undoubtedly be some epic orchestral sounds in the near future!
You can visit Ricky Garcia’s website here:

One Response

  1. Someone who worked with Jordan Rudess and Steve Vai!? :O

    I’m gonna buy the soundtrack even if it’s free!

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