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Early Playthroughs

This week I was fairly sick and unable to concentrate on doing any substantial work on CC2. My job this past week or 2 has been to simply fix bugs, tweak, and make the game as playable without the console as possible.

Feeling better this morning, I decided I would do a playthrough of the game. I’ve hardly done this before, actually.. I usually find a bug or something I can change and close the game immediately to fix it. This morning I allowed myself to just play, enjoy myself, and see what happens. Instead of fixing the bugs as I find them, I just took note of them to fix later.

I played for a good 20-30 minutes.

My tribe was thriving, although being heavily assaulted by velociraptors, compsognathi, pachycephalosaurus’, etc. Gatherers didn’t seem to be getting much better at their job, but the hunters were on top of their game and were especially good at protecting their minions.

I had noticed, however, that there was no sign of the enemy. They hadn’t come to attack, and in the debug screen, they had stopped growing after about 7 cavemen despite having a considerable amount of food. I decided it was time for me to drop by (with a couple of hunters, but not all of them, as I didn’t want to leave my tribe unprotected).

When I first entered their territory, I was greeted by a small gatherer – who was quickly stoned to death by my bouncers. I took down the enemy’s first checkpoint with no problem.. no hunters came to defend or anything.

When I reached the enemy’s cave (encountering just a couple of cavemen along the way), I realised what was wrong. Most of the cavemen were fast asleep, and the rest were standing around with absolutely nothing to do. Neanderthal Neil was nowhere to be found.. he must have been killed by a velociraptor days before!

.. I have some work to do!


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  1. Jacob

    Haha, thats a funny story :)

  2. DifferentJacob

    Hehe. Sounds like what anyone playing the game would appear.
    So I guess you just have to make it less likely for the enemy leaders to be killed.
    But.. still this is like a fun thing to happen. But on really rare occasions. At least it seems like the game is soon to come out…
    Come on! After a few years I wanna see the product!

    • In good time, mate! We want to get it out as soon as possible but we also want to pay great attention to detail and polish.

      The enemy leader didn’t know how to recover from raptors, and other dinosaurs.. so he was basically doomed as soon as one got ahold of him (unless his hunters saved him).


  3. James

    Just wondering do you have an estimated relese date and is it going to be free or have to buy

    • We do have an estimated release date but we’re not confident enough yet to announce it – sometime around august, september, is our current goal.

      The game won’t be free, and we’re still deciding on pricing (for both the desktop and mobile versions). We’ll have a demo available which I’ll make as playable as possible, i.e it will still be fun to play.

  4. James

    Ok thanks

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