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Development on Caveman Craig 2 Started

In the past few days I’ve started physical development of Caveman Craig 2. At the moment, it’s the basic engine using Caveman Craig’s sprites, so it’s nothing to look at for the moment. However, I’m taking careful steps to ensure it’s going to work very smoothly.

We won’t be releasing information about the new features for a while yet, however I will mention that there will be a new control scheme that will resolve the issue of trying to pickup rocks while standing over carcasses or bushes. It’s also setup so there can’t be any jarring of animations – if Craig is walking, he’ll be using his walk animation, there’s no exception. Where as, in Caveman Craig, you could be flying in the air with a ducking animation after being hit by a Triceratops. Simple things like that.

In the meantime, Tim is sketching some concept art for new cavemen looks and the new dinosaurs. I hope to upload some of those sketches sometime soon.

Rhys Andrews

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  1. Wow, can’t wait to see what features you have planned. Shame we can’t be a fly on the wall..

  2. hey i have an new ideea for you guys after the 2nd version is released can you make a multiplayer online version?IT WILL BE COOL!
    and the 2nd ideea is when youl see dinosaur eggs use a caveman to steal it and the mother dinosaur will come but when you escaped you can grow up a dinosaur wich will help u with defending the base also u must feed them cool ideea no?

  3. Fredo

    Let me guess, for the yoyogames co-operation competition?
    Good luck then!

  4. I cant wait to see the knew looks and stuff, im such a big fan, i just cant WAIT!!!!!!!

  5. Brad

    make sure theres no bugs either caveman craig 1 screws up my computer


  7. spike47

    Hey good luck on making another caveman game.. i have played the first caveman and is AWESOME!!! i cant wait until the next one comes out.. I have been hooked on the game for a month now and i can seem to leave it alone.. GOOD LUCK.. and I DIBS FIRST GO!!!!!!!!!

  8. zae

    i have an idea for cavman craig you can find a wand that would be sweeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. rex

    good luck the frist game was awsome i can’t wait till the next and can i be a tester pls

  10. dor

    how can i download this game?

  11. ABCD

    hey you guys should make a new game like this but with spartan soldiers

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