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Caveman Craig 2 – ‘Mini Hud’

One issue that Tim and I wanted to fix in Caveman Craig 2 was the ugly looking hud above the cavemen. You have their name (which fades out when it’s over another caveman) and two little icons on either side of them to show what skills they know – and a brain that throbs when they are learning.

To do this, we’ve designed a ‘mini hud’ which only appears on cavemen when your mouse is rolled over them, or when they’re following you. With this hud you can see their health, their progress towards learning their two skills, and their name.

The cool part is that you can prioritise what the cavemen do. In Caveman Craig 1, if you want a gatherer to take berries instead of carcasses, you have to only teach him the berries task so that he ignores the carcasses. In Caveman Craig 2, you can pick which task the gathere should prioritise. If a gatherer prioritises fruit, he will only go for meat if there is no fruit to pick, and vice versa. For hunters, you can pick between prioritising carnivores or herbivores. Furthermore, you can grab fully-trained hunters to follow you and they will attack whatever you attack – team effort!

Below is a diagram showing the mini-hud that we’ve designed. Please tell us what you think, and make any suggestions if you like. Speaking of suggestions, I’ve created a page that you can access on the right if you want to make general suggestions about Caveman Craig 2. This is just so we don’t clutter the blog section with comments about the suggestions. I’ll also put in a list suggestions that have already been made.

Caveman Craig 2 - Mini Hud Concept


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  1. AracnoX


  2. AracnoX

    Sorry for just blurting that out. But I’m fairly new to this game but very skilled. But it isn’t much of a challenge. You could possibly make this the biggest online multiplayer game in the world.

    Like you could go and invade other peoples’ tribes, or make an alliance with someone else?

    Thanks for your time.

  3. thai

    are you still working on this? or is this site dead?

  4. We’re still going strong, Thai, don’t worry.

  5. thai

    ah, thats good.i really enjoyed playing caveman craig 1. it would probably take a lot of time to integrate, but i agree with aracnox on the multiplayer would be awesome to make alliances and tribes.hope your pc doesn’t blow up!lol. do you have any idea when the release date will be?looking forward to playing the game soo much…

  6. Dapwner


    Lol zogg, anyway nice Hud i was playing CC1 and i was wondering about that lol. Nice hud but will there be anymore skills in the oncoming cc2?

  7. spongedude

    how are you going to make them prioritise between meet and fruit? i’m not sceptical but how?

  8. spongedude

    I spell meat wrongly, is there something wrong with my english.

  9. lali

    i dont now how to download this game tell me how

    • Rhys

      Hi mate,
      You can download the original Caveman Craig here:
      You can also buy the special edition for just $4.99 (see one of our latest blog entries on how you can get 40% off this before the end of july).

      Caveman Craig 2 is coming soon!


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