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The Dunes of Zogg

The next Caveman Craig 2 soundtrack piece is now freely available on Ricky Garcia’s soundcloud! This piece, “The Dunes of Zogg” is my personal favourite.

Stay tuned for our March 1st Release!

Listen to a track from the Caveman Craig 2 Soundtrack

Hey all,
Two days ago we revealed our CC2 official trailer, and also one of the 5 or so Caveman Craig 2 tracks composed by Ricky Garcia.

Today we have a 2nd track to reveal. This one’s called “Bokk Rock”. Maybe you can tell that our naming skills are pretty miserable, but hey, did you know there are only about 150 words in the ancient caveman language? FACT!

Watch the Caveman Craig 2 Trailer NOW!

We are very pleased to have two great things to show you this evening!

Firstly, check out our epic Caveman Craig 2 gameplay trailer! Tim spent a lot of time on this and it has turned out awesome. Make sure to watch it in 720p or 1080p for maximum viewing pleasure!

In the leadup for the CC2 launch, we are also releasing some of the fantastic pieces of music included in the game, composed by Ricky Garcia.

Ricky Garcia is a diverse and professional guitarist & composer, and has played and composed for a number of companies and artists, including Steinberg, LaFee, Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater, and now Parabox Games!

The first track we have for you is “Malus”. Check it out here!


Release Date confirmed!

Today is a good day!
We can confirm that Caveman Craig 2 will be released on PC in a little over a weeks time, on the 1st of March – just shy of 4 years since the release of the original game!

Caveman Craig 2 will be available via our website for $9.99 US. A free playable demo will also be available!

Stay tuned for some more exciting news on the Caveman Craig front throughout this week and thank you all once more for your persistent and loyal support.

- Rhys

Pre-Launch Event

Yesterday was our “Caveman Craig 2″ Pre-Launch LAN! It was a large success, and a very productive day.

Tim and I invited some friends/BETA testers and played through the release candidate of Caveman Craig 2 with them, from 3pm till around 10:30pm.

BETA Testers were bribed with rather delicious Pizza

It was thoroughly interesting watching everyone’s playing style and seeing how certain strategies were not accounted for in the AI.

Ultimately everybody seemed to have plenty of fun and I now have a gigantic list of things to tweak, fix, and add. Bigger than hoped, but not surprisingly so.

Tim and some BETA testers pose while itching to get back to their game.

Some odd things we encountered during the day included flying carcasses, walls sitting in the sky, and cavemen rapidly smashing their heads in the ground.

This leaves us with a final shopping list for CC2 before it is ready for release! I’ll be working very hard to get this done as soon as possible.

Some of the larger things to test is the difficulty curve of the game and ensuring it is challenging, but not impossible, and tailors to most modes of play. Yesterday showed that CC2′s play length is approximately 4 hours with plenty of replay value in all of the bonus gametypes!

My job wasn't to play the game, but keep tabs on how everyone was going and updating the build throughout the day

It wouldn’t be a LAN without some actual network-gaming, so we finished the night off with some classic Call of Duty (United Offensive). I find this game far more thrilling than its successors.

On an unrelated note, as everyone left we came across this gigantic moth.

February’s Etc

Craig will make his return very, very soon..

Hello all!
This past week has been cripplingly busy.. having started back at my job after a decent break, and coping with a silly hand infection that with the bandages and dressing rendered me unable to type without riddling my work with spelling mistakes. I am now wearing some funky cotton gloves as things are starting to heal up, and thankfully I am finally able to type again!

But in more exciting news, I am within days of completing the “release candidate” for Caveman Craig 2. This means that the game is actually FINISHED – subject to difficulty, bug fixes, polish/detailing, and any last minute additions.

On Saturday we have scheduled a ‘pre-launch caveman craig lan’ for a handful of local BETA testers. During the event I will be fixing, tweaking, and polishing while others play through the release candidate and write down anything of note. The goal is that by the end of the day, we will have a complete build, ready to go – though this is best case scenario, and we may need to give it a few more days to finish off the list and sign off on the game.

SO, if you are umm-ing and arr-ing about pre-ordering CC2, now is the time! Our pre-order offer (which includes Caveman Craig: Special Edition and the CC2 demo) will end a week before CC2 is released.

Meanwhile, Tim and I are discussing our many project ideas for 2012. Some games are small, others large. Some aimed at a mobile device audience, others online/LAN, and others similar to that of Caveman Craig. Once CC2 is released, we hope to be able to prepare an announcement for our next project and direction as a game design team.

Thanks for your support,

Additional Gametypes in CC2

We are inching closer and closer to release..
It is all resting on me now as the rest of the team have completed essentially everything they need to complete. Tim will soon begin working on some marketing type material which is separate from the game itself.

Of the few remaining areas of the game to finish, the ‘additional gametypes’ that you can unlock while progressing through the game is the biggest.

In Caveman Craig 1, there was 1 special gametype; raptor’s revenge. Special Edition introduced “Meteor Dodge” as a 2nd gametype.

Caveman Craig 2 will have 5 additional gametypes, as well as 4 conquest levels and a 5th, special final level. Among the unlockable gametypes are improved versions of meteor dodge and raptor’s revenge, and “Classic” mode – which operates in a similar manner to CC1 and CCSE. The goal of the additional gametypes is to beat your own highscore (or if you have siblings using the same computer, you can compete with their profiles for the best score). Some gametypes will also have a challenge score to beat in order to unlock new XP rewards.

We don’t want to reveal the remaining 2 gametypes or the final level, it’ll ruin the fun! But we can’t wait to show you.


Download the Demo

Receive the demo FREE when you preorder Caveman Craig 2

Receive the demo FREE when you preorder Caveman Craig 2

Excitement is brewing as we come to the final stages of CC2′s production.

I have finished all my graphic work, and can (mostly) put my feet up as Rhys finishes up his programming duties on the game.

The last graphical things I had to make, were a series of icons to represent 22 “achievements” that can be… um… achieved in the game. Here are just a handful to whet your appetite:


December/January’s Etc

Hello all!
It’s been a busy end of year for us, as you know, compiling the demo (now available to those who pre-order) and completing all the prerequisites for that.

Greg & Ricky have completed all their work for the game and now get to sit back and-or move onto other projects. For those who have played the demo, I’m sure you can agree they have done a fantastic job (Greg’s art includes the background scenery and cave design).

It’s down to Tim and I now to finish off the game, and Tim is quickly wrapping the last of his graphical work. As of yesterday, all 35 XP rewards are now completed (though some need to be modified slightly for classic/survival mode) which is a milestone for us. I have been spending the past few days modifying the enemy tribe AI to purchase XP rewards. It’s fun to see them buying veteran hunters or reinforcements when they are in a vulnerable state.

All the levels bar one are now playable although the difficulty still need to be tweaked and tested. One bonus gametype is completed and playable, the others are still in progress.

Sometimes we under-estimate some of our equations. These dinosaurs bred way too fast.

We have a big list of achievements and statistics – these still need to be implemented but the backend code is all ready to go.

Every time I play test, I keep a sticky note with me and write anything that comes to mind – anything from bugs to visual effects ideas and ways to improve the interface. When I’m getting sick of implementing the ‘big picture’ stuff like new gametypes and achievements, I like to just sift through my list and make minor changes to polish and perfect the game.

Soon Tim will begin work on a fresh set of caveman craig merchandise which can be purchased from our zazzle store. We also need to put together some publicity material – trailers and the like.

For those who played the demo – thank you so much for your feedback, please keep it coming! Your ideas, criticisms, and praise will affect the final product! Also, if you do get an error log (it usually opens when the game quits if new errors have been added), don’t hesitate to attach it to an email addressed to rhys (at) paraboxgames (dot) (com) for our ‘analysis’ :)

And what of future projects? CC2′s development is drawing to a close and Parabox Games can’t just ‘stop’ with it. Well, Tim and I always have ideas floating around and it’s just a matter of picking one and going ahead with it. We are still establishing what end of the market to target, and what is going to be the most fun to create (I am of the belief that your best creation tends to also be the most fun to create). The poll results from a few months ago was definitely helpful!

Take care,

DEMO Now available for Pre-Orderers!

Good News!
As a token of our thanks for your trust, support, and patience over the past months and years, we have released a CC2 demo for anyone who has pre-ordered the game.

If you pre-ordered the game before today, you should have received an email from me with a private download link. Otherwise, the CC2 demo will be included in the package you are sent when you pre-order the game through our distributor, BMT Micro.

The demo includes a tutorial and initial level of the game, with a handful of the rewards and dinosaurs that are in the full game. The demo will eventually be available to the public – probably once the full game is released in coming weeks.

This year has been a very busy one for Tim and I, as we have been working very hard to get the biggest game project of our lives completed after 3 years of on and off development.

So if you want a taste of Caveman Craig 2 TODAY then pre-order the game! You also get Caveman Craig: SE to play immediately until the full version of CC2 is released.

On behalf of Tim and I, we wish you all a very happy new year and we are very excited about what 2012 will bring for Parabox Games.

Take care,