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Glorious Discovery!!


I’ve just discovered some great ways of optimising the code in the caveman AI for Caveman Craig. At the moment, I have 100 cavemen in the room with full 60/60 FPS – prior to the optimisation I had 25/60 FPS after just 40 cavemen.

Don’t expect the same results on every system, as I do have a fairly powerful computer. However, you can confidently expect a 100% increase at the minimum!! Yes, I’m very excited.

Caveman Craig 1.4 will be out as soon as the results are in, or if Sandy gives me permission to update the game prior to the results. I am still making adjustments to fix some glitches with the optimisations but they’re very minor. This, along with a new licence, and difficulty increases, will be available very soon.


Edit 1: Those results aforementioned are for cavemen following me, but not doing their own thing. There is a significant decrease in AI activity when they are just following me. When running around and doing their thing, it starts to lag a bit after about 35 cavemen. However, the lag is much more gradual and thus easy to cope with.

3 Responses

  1. Keymax

    I noticed that the game starts to lag when an enemy appears, so the problem must be with hunters. They don’t have much to do, though – just find the closest dino and throw the rock. What takes so much time for AI to compute?

  2. The problem was with the detection of slopes in the terrain. So, it was with any caveman, however, all hunters walked in a big mass, so the lag wasn’t distributed but clotted into a few frames. It is not their AI, but their slope movement.

    However, this ‘discovery’ I guess I found really fixes that slowness.

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Doggie!