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Announcing “The Battle at Dudu Forest” DLC!

Tim and I are proud to announce our first DLC for Caveman Craig 2 – titled “The Battle at Dudu Forest”.

The DLC is a whole new conquest level for Caveman Craig 2, featuring new scenery, a new enemy tribe leader, and more!

While it will be free, the release date is in YOUR hands!
To broaden our fanbase and address a larger audience, we need your help to get , , and !

Once these 3 criteria are met, and we have finished developing it, we will release the DLC – free for anyone who owns Caveman Craig 2!

For all the info, check out our latest Vlog!

3 Responses

  1. Amos

    I hope you guys reach your goal. You set quite an ambitious one, which I respect =) What happens if your goal isn’t met???

    • Well there’s no ‘deadline’ for the goal to be met. So it will be out once the goal is met. It’s in the fans hands to choose when that is!

  2. Sekau (Spirit Slayer)

    I liked and subscribed. Sorry I can’t follow. I hope you guys reach your goal!!!!!!! :D

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