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Caveman Craig: Special Edition NOW AVAILABLE!

Tim and I are proud to announce that Caveman Craig: SE is now available for only us$4.99, processed securely by BMT Micro.

CC: SE contains new dinosaurs, bonuses, and many many more features and improvements from the original Caveman Craig, including a completely reoptimised engine and the new ‘dilophosaurus’!

Our deepest apologies for the delayed release. We hated to have conformed to what a lot of commercial companies do, however we had to sort out a few possibilities with YoYo Games which have now been resolved. As the least we could do, we have reduced the price from $5.99 to $4.99. We sincerely hope you enjoy the game!

Rhys and Tim Andrews

11 Responses

  1. cal

    Teeto says hi, (Although you probably knew it was me anyway) And thanks for the agony of waiting to be over :) Now I have to wait until I can buy the special edition. (I’m glad I was right about testing) Again, thanks.

  2. pieter888

    goody! I hope you will release CC2 soon to!

  3. Zach

    I bought the game where do i get it know :)

  4. Zach

    Nvm i got it sorted out cant wait for the download to finish ima play it forever

  5. Thanks for supporting us, Zach! Make sure you let us know how you found the game, I hope you enjoy it.

  6. Zach

    Awesome game been playing it over Warhammer Online lately. But i do have a few suggestions.
    Every once in a while make one new minigame and maybe 2 more unlockables, this’ll increase replayability.
    Multiple save files.
    And a mini map
    And also can u give me a list of unlockables

  7. Zach

    O yea i forget u should make those minigames have a option btw hard and easy and the same with the main game

  8. cal

    I know there is a suggestion part but could you implement a story and cutscenes cinematics etc. I know they might not be like Final fantasy standard but…. Well, could you maybe consider it?

  9. Zach

    I agree with Cal i know i dont mind to much about a games story but some people love a good story line.

  10. I don’t see how cutscenes are so important for a game that only has a backstory, and not a progression. Perhaps an intro? I can’t just plant a story onto the game it would need to have levels and the like.

  11. Zach

    An intro sounds good. :)

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