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Watch the Caveman Craig 2 Trailer NOW!

We are very pleased to have two great things to show you this evening!

Firstly, check out our epic Caveman Craig 2 gameplay trailer! Tim spent a lot of time on this and it has turned out awesome. Make sure to watch it in 720p or 1080p for maximum viewing pleasure!

In the leadup for the CC2 launch, we are also releasing some of the fantastic pieces of music included in the game, composed by Ricky Garcia.

Ricky Garcia is a diverse and professional guitarist & composer, and has played and composed for a number of companies and artists, including Steinberg, LaFee, Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater, and now Parabox Games!

The first track we have for you is “Malus”. Check it out here!


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  1. Amos

    That trailer was awesome! It really makes me want to see you guys make a cartoon series with Craig now d= Congratulations on finishing (or getting very near finishing) the game.

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