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Hey guys,
Weeks ago, after a big burst of development made on CC2, I’d have typed up a blog entry with some sneak peeks at what we’d done and what you could expect in the final game.

However, we’re now in the late stages, and showing you too much will spoil the fun of experiencing it all when you first play. So for today I thought I’d go through the gigs and gigs of data used in putting together CC2 and find some concept art to have a look at how far CC2 has come. Click on the images to see a bigger size.

The original running animation for Craig, made during the early stages (mid 2009) of planning Caveman craig 2.

An even ear lier drawing. You may have seen this in one of our first blog entries. This is the original design/idea for a mini-hud, which you can see in CC2.

Greg's animation strip for an othnielia rotating on a spit. We actually used this animation, though shrunk down heavily.

Greg's title screen concept sketch

Concept for a larger cave

Tim's sketch for a main menu screen overlooking the land of boggdrop (or at the time, known simply as 'bogg')

A *very* early development screenshot

AAAND, just for some contrast.. here is a fairly new screenshot. This is running on the very same engine that was being built in the screenshot above.

The result of over three years on and off work :)

5 Responses

  1. Is there will be a beta release of this for the all players to try this out?
    And I have a question is there will be achievement soon and earn some rewards? And good luck for this game!

    • Hi jad,
      The BETA was a private release only, I’m afraid. We should have a demo out sometime soon!

      Yes, CC2 will have a decent number of achievements, most of which will unlock rewards and things when you achieve them.

  2. Amos

    Any idea of when the demo might be released?

    • Not yet. Working out whether it’s better to release the demo before or at the same time as the full release. Depending on whether the full version comes out later than expected, we may offer the demo to pre-orderers first, and then to the public once the full version is out.

  3. Andy

    Will you guys be talking about marketing and selling the game/previous games? That would be really interesting.

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