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Things to look forward to…

There is plenty to get excited about as we continue to develop Caveman Craig 2!

I have almost completed all the animation for the vast array of dinosaurs in the game. There will be over 12 different prehistoric beasts, including this huge Stegosaurus (shown in the pic). The original Caveman Craig had about 4 dinosaurs (and the special edition includes the Dilophosaurus). Some dinosaurs will be seen more frequently than the others, but one thing we know is that the T-Rex will be more terrifying than in the original game!

Another thing to be excited about is the new website, which is currently in development too. There will be a tonne of info, pics and other exciting news to come with it. No date is set for this yet, but stay tuned.

Rhys and I have also been talking about other games we can develop after CC2 hits the (virtual) streets. We’ll always keep you informed on this blog as to what exciting Parabox games will be coming out.


In the meantime, if you haven’t already got it, Caveman Craig: Special Edition is still available in our store at – This is tonnes better and smoother than the free version we have on YoYo Games, and has a heap of extra features.

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  1. Robbie McKinstry

    Am I satisfied with Caveman Craig: Special Edition, you may ask? Not only am I satisfied, but I have made a shrine to Craig. I <3 my Lord and Master. I've told all of my friends about CC:SE and no amount of blog posting can sate my appetite for CC2. BRING ON THE DINOS!

  2. Bill

    When you say, “…over 12 different prehistoric beasts…” do you mean 13 different prehistoric beasts?

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  4. Tim

    There are things like Mammoths and other creatures we haven’t factored in also.

  5. Amos

    I am so excited for CC2. CC was exciting enough, especially Special Edition. I bought CC Special Edition, and I have every intention to buy CC2 as well. Greg Vanderbeek is an extremely skilled artist. This one is going to be EPIC.

  6. Xavier

    Everything seems to be going smoothly. The dinosaurs are nearing completion, looks like the enemy cavemen have done the same…

    So now my only concern is how to afford the inevitable double-digit price tag…

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