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May’s Etc

Everything is going just great over in the world of Caveman Craig. We’re all keeping busy and coming up with great ideas. Caveman Craig 2 is truly coming into form and there’s just so much I’d like to show you! But, all in good time =)

Ricky has been putting together some ideas for the game’s soundtrack, and it’s sounding pretty professional! It’s giving us great ideas for how the overall tone will be and I’m realising more and more how essential the music is to the game’s polish.

Tim and I have been discussing aspects of gameplay in detail, particularly for the mobile version of Caveman Craig. The desktop and mobile version will be considerably different, yet considerably the same. More to come, on this. We’ve also conceptualised some great ideas for the menu and how the game progresses. We should be posting up some concept art soon on this!

Greg will be back on board with artwork soon now after having a bit of a break. Most of his work will be on the special items, purchasable in-game with “XP” that is earned by accomplishing certain tasks with Craig. These are more or less what you’d know as ‘bonuses’ in the original game.

Finally, I’ve been working my butt off coding some ideas for optimising the enemy tribe when they are off screen, as well as fixing bugs and testing thoroughly. The seemingly simple task of creating a ‘pause’ script turned out to be difficult but all the more important as it is also used for a whole number of interface features. I’ve been spending some time testing this.

We’ve also got a new dinosaur running around, although he can be pretty hard to see! The compsognathus is a little like the ‘pet dino’ in the special edition of Caveman Craig in that they latch onto their targets and nibble away until someone can fend them off.. only these little guys attack in groups!

We’re at a stage now where we need to populate the land with all the dinosaurs and get them running, so this should be an exciting stage in development, especially for you guys!

We have a release schedule which is keeping us working with deadlines, which means delays will be minimal and release is approaching ‘announcable’. Please keep supporting us and make sure you subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already! You don’t want to miss out on all the news :)

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