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Entering ‘playable’ Stages

Many are relaxing over this Christmas break, be it an absence of school, work, or just overall cheer and celebration..
I on the other hand have been using my 4 week holiday off work to make some considerable development on Caveman Craig 2!

Greg VanderBeek, the artist behind Teka Teki, is now working with Tim and I to complete some of the more static imagery for CC2, and he’s doing a great job. Tim is off touring with his puppet show but will be back in a few weeks to start some serious ‘animationing’ for the game. We’re also talking with potential distributors to work out a release schedule and marketing.

And as for the gameplay itself? Well, I’m finally entering stages where I can grow and defend my tribe without the aid of a debugging console or ironing out bugs every couple of minutes. In fact, I played for 30 minutes straight tonight, building a tribe of about 6 cavemen (while Evil Craig got to 12, smart bastard). It’s getting very exciting!

Unfortunately there are no predators as yet, other than the velociraptor (but the director doesn’t spawn them at this point), so it’s impossible to lose. Occasionally a caveman will ‘trip’ into enemy territory and will get pummelled by hunters, but other than that it seems pretty peaceful.

As I play, I write down new things I need to add, bugs to fix, and so on. There’s a long long list, but I’m confident by the end of my 4 week holiday, Caveman Craig 2 will be looking more like a video game.

Meanwhile, Teka Teki seems to be selling well, and has very positive reviews. Even my 30-something-year-old brother-in-law couldn’t put it down for an hour! If you have an iPhone or iPod touch (or even an iPad), do check it out! Even if you don’t want to spare the 99 cents, try out the lite version first! Sales are helping us fund some necessary spending to be made on Caveman Craig 2.. so it’s very much a worthy cause ;)


5 Responses

  1. Andrew

    It looks soo awesome! Can’t wait! Hope Teka Teki does good in sales!

  2. Brandon

    What do the healthbars mean? Also, what are the numbers in the middle-ish – top? The screenshots look great too :D

  3. Glad you’re enjoying the screenies!
    The green healthbar is health, the blue is energy. Cavemen get very tired after a day or two, and will need to sleep. You’ll be able to schedule when cavemen sleep so that you always have hunters on patrol, and you have gatherers out picking during the best times of the day.

  4. DudeDino94

    Rhy, I have a question about the screenshot. What does the healthbars on the spit mean?

    • Rhys

      Hi mate.
      The ‘health’ bars just represent the progress towards a checkpoint being taken over. The spit doubles up as a main checkpoint.

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