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Desura Digital Distribution
Hi everyone,

One month ago, we released Caveman Craig 2 to pre-orderers. It has been a really exciting month for us! Just a couple of days ago, we also released the game on Desura, a popular steam-like distribution platform.

Marketing the game has been almost a 2nd full time job for me, constantly contacting press and remaining active on a number of communities.

It has been a lot of fun partaking in interviews, organising reviews, networking with other developers, and talking to potential distributors.

We are starting to see all this time paying off but there’s no end in sight yet! Not to mention all the exciting downloadable content we could prepare for Caveman Craig, and porting the game to other platforms!

BUT, we must move forward, too! Tim and I have been sorting through our long list of ideas for future projects and trying to add some meat to them to get a picture of what path we should take. We are coming close to announcing our next project(s) and establishing a development video log for you all to subscribe to so that you can follow our progress! We may even have a special character for you to meet…

In other news, it’s my joy to announce that Joe Hubert, lead programmer of Epic Vessel Games and organiser behind the Indie Underdog Pack, is now working with Parabox Games as our manager of marketing (Note to Tim: make Joe a caveman avatar). He’ll act as an adviser, organiser, scout and to some degree spokesperson for all things relating to distributing and marketing our games. His role will grow and become more clear over the coming weeks and months. And as a programmer and game designer himself, who knows what fun collaboration opportunities might arise!

And now for something REALLY cool (sorry about the blurry picture)! This tasty model of Craig was created out of chocolate by cake designers Flour Child Creations! Isn’t it incredible? And it probably has more brains than most cavemen, too! We’ll try to get something a bit higher-res soon.

Get your hands on Caveman Craig 2!

Tim here, just poking my head in to say “Hi!” and “Thanks for the support!” Caveman Craig 2 has been getting some great exposure and some very generous reviews. Nice to hear people speaking highly of my graphic/animation work!

I want to remind you all to check out the following:

Free Caveman Craig 2 Demo: Click Here

Buy Caveman Craig 2 HERE!

Support indie game development and get 6 games for $5: Click Here

We’ll have more news in the coming weeks, and some announcements on new games and content we would like to develop. Stay tuned!

Support us with the IUP Bundle!

In just over 9 hours, Parabox Games, Joe Hubert of Epic Vessel Games, and 4 other developers will be releasing the first “Indie Underdog Pack” bundle, featuring Caveman Craig: SE and 5 other brilliant indie games!

For those who are unfamiliar with bundles such as the Humble Bundle or The Indie Gala, indie bundles are seriously good value and are usually designed to support good causes and celebrate the little men of game design!

IUP is designed to support further development for the developers behind available games. For us, you would be supporting porting CC2 to Mac, iOS, and Android. You’ll also be helping us expose CC2 to the world and begin development on our next projects (Which are yet to be announced!)

For just $5 (that’s the same price as CC:SE on its own!) or more, you get CC:SE and 5 other games! Contribute more to this great cause and you’ll get a number of other benefits.

Even if you already own CC:SE, $5 is still great value for the other games!


March’s Etc

Hello all!
It’s been a fantastic couple of weeks for Parabox Games, pushing through our first major launch and all the promotion that proceeds it.

Almost all the feedback for Caveman Craig 2 has been extremely positive, and it’s very encouraging to see the interest growing in a number of indie game communities.

We are now making plans for our next projects and goals. We hope to be making some announcements soon, so do stay tuned! We are also participating in a very exciting indie game cause in the next week and will keep you updated.

Support Caveman Craig 2!
While we are doing all that we can to promote Caveman Craig 2 to the masses and give it the attention we think it deserves, we believe that the support and response of the fans gives the best impression. If you do love Caveman Craig 2, please consider supporting the game so that others can love it too!

Some ways you can support us include..

  • Tell your friends about the game! If they like it, encourage them to follow our and pages to stay updated on our future projects.
  • Know any indie game reviewers or journalists? We would love to get in touch with them! Please send us an email, and link them to our press release!
  • Have any thoughts on the game? Write up a review of the game and post it to us, either here as a comment, on our IndieDB page, or our YoYo Games page!
  • Post about Caveman Craig 2 on any gaming forums that you are a part of!
  • If it’s your sort of thing, why don’t you put together a “Let’s play” or video review of Caveman Craig on youtube?
  • Like, vote up, or rate posts appropriately on other sites relating to Caveman Craig 2! Consider rating the demo in the two locations where they are available: indieDB and YoYo Games

“Carbon Based Caveman”
Ricky Garcia has released the last track in the Caveman Craig 2 soundtrack on his soundcloud page. You can find the rest of the soundtrack on here too!


Caveman Craig 2 Press Release

To download a full press release kit, including high-res screenshots, a snippet of the soundtrack, and other resources, CLICK HERE.
If you would like to arrange a review, interview, or would like further information, contact Parabox Games here!

Press Release Document

About the Game

Caveman Craig 2 is a unique strategy game featuring Craig, a tribe leader whose goal is to take over the four tribes of “Boggdrop”. To do this, Craig must buy and train three types of cavemen:

  • Hunters, who use rocks and clubs to bring down dinosaurs for food, and follow Craig into battle against other tribes,
  • Gatherers, who drag the dinosaurs back to the cave and pick berries from nearby vegetation, and
  • Preparers, who process the meat and fruit returned to the cave, allowing the player to buy more cavemen.

Craig (the player) must demonstrate these tasks to new cavemen to teach them.

Caveman Craig 2 features..

  • Over 12 dinosaurs, including Velociraptors, Pterodactyls, and the brutal Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • 35 “XP Rewards” that help defend and grow your tribe or disable your enemy. The XP Rewards include pet dinosaurs, teachers, catapults, and fully trained cavemen.
  • A whole new twist on the original Caveman Craig game – conquer the enemy’s territory to win each level!
  • Smart cavemen can eat, sleep, improve their skills (eventually unlocking a special ‘veteran’ bonus), and prioritise their tasks.
  • New gametypes, dinosaurs, bonuses, achievements, and playable characters that can be unlocked!
  • ‘Classic’ mode, where you must build your tribe up as large as possible while facing harder and more frequent threats – just like the original Caveman Craig!
  • A professional, high quality soundtrack by platinum-selling musician Ricky Garcia

Currently, Caveman Craig 2 is only available for PC. It is only $9.99 US and is distributed through BMT Micro. Caveman Craig 2 is planned for release to Mac, iOS, and Android soon.

Reviews and Feedback

“The first [Caveman Craig] is incredibly awesome in so many ways. [Caveman Craig 2] tops that. Amazing job Rhys and Tim. Everyone should give this game a download!” – Joe Hubert, Epic Vessel Games

“To all who are unsure if this game is worth buying, allow me to remove all your doubts by saying that I have almost played this through, and not once did I feel like I didn’t get my money’s worth. This game is well optimized, lasts long, it’s challenging, and has plenty of replay value. It plays 10 times smoother than [Caveman Craig SE], and has as much more polish. It’s a perfect blend of superior programming and art, all complemented by smooth professional music. WELL worth the $10 you’ll pay.” – Amos Jones, Gamer

“The new graphics are stunning, along with all of the amazing visual effects. The game-play was so much smoother than CC1 and the new features make the game more interesting. It definitely will have a great replay value.” - ‘MicHorvath’, Gamer

Review by The Unpaid Gamers

Review by Indie Game Mag

About Parabox Games

Parabox Games is a small indie video game company, located in New South Wales, Australia. Although it formed in late 2010, founders Rhys Andrews and Tim Andrews have been designing games, programming, and animating together since years before.

Tim has worked in the animation industry for over 8 years, animating for television and feature productions.

Rhys is a veteran game programmer and game designer of over 7 years, finding success in a number of projects including Conflict: Arcade, Teka Teki (Released for PC, iOS, and Android), and Caveman Craig / Caveman Craig: Special Edition. Until 2007 he founded and managed a team of roughly 6 designers, named “GameCave Productions”. GameCave had a strong online community presence and released a large number of games, developer engines, and tutorials over the years.

After the success of Caveman Craig, Caveman Craig: Special Edition, and Teka Teki, Rhys and Tim decided to form Parabox Games to bring them all under one umbrella. Other contributors to Parabox Games include Greg Vanderbeek (artist) and Ricky Garcia (musician).

One goal of Parabox is to explore all the avenues and genres of indie gaming. We plan to release games for mobile devices (iOS, Android) as well as desktop platforms (Windows, Mac).


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