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Hey guys,
I’ve setup a twitter account and facebook page so that you can follow development updates on Caveman Craig and other works in the comfort of your own social network.

Would love it if you followed us to help spread the word!
Facebook: Search “Parabox Games”


Some exciting news

Hey guys!
Though somewhat unrelated to Caveman Craig, we’ve an exciting announcement or two to make.

Firstly, Tim and I have decided to form a design team as an umbrella for the games that we create together (this includes Caveman Craig, The Treasure House Game, and other games that I have created recently including Teka Teki). We’re calling this team Parabox Games. A website is coming soon!

Secondly, thanks to YoYo Games’ new publishing service, Teka Teki will be coming soon to iPhone / iPod, and later iPad! A free lite version will also be available. I don’t know about you guys but I think it’s something that really suits the iPhone!

Have a great week,

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