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Need your Help, Again!

Dearest fans,
I need your help once again!

In Caveman Craig, you have various bonuses which help you grow your tribe faster. Things like spits to cook carcasses, flaming rocks, and so on.

In Caveman Craig 2 we need a new type of bonus – something which will help defend parts of your land against enemy tribes. These sort’f bonuses can be purchased multiple times and placed whereve the player wants them. So, give me your ideas! And please, only ideas of bonuses which defend against enemy tribe cavemen, not suggestions for the game itself.

Some ideas I already have include a spike trap, fortification / wall, an outpost of sorts, and “maybe” a catapult.

The AI is too smart for me..

The easter weekend was a great opportunity for me to catch up on some CC2 development work. It’s pretty comical watching everything ‘work’ but with minimal eye candy. Cavemen spinning around 360 degrees to represent picking up a rock, growing and shrinking to represent sleep, and hideously unrealistic tree sprites to represent vegetation on the map.

Despite this it’s still exciting to see the cavemen going around doing what they’re supposed to be doing. I guess it’s similar to writing an application in unix and seeing it ‘work’, even though it’s not visually very appealing.

I was working last night trying to fix what I thought were epic glitches in the AI of the preparers and gatherers. They were prioritising meat, yet preparing fruit, or vice versa. Or, I’d set all cavemen to go to sleep and only half of them would. This morning I discovered that in most cases, they were actually doing the right thing after all. They might’ve been prioritising meat, but they [i]weren’t actually trained to prepare meat[/i]. It’s just nice to see the system come together, especially considering that in Caveman Craig 2 there are a lot more factors to everything that cavemen do. Particularly energy and interaction from Craig. For example, below is the line of code that makes a caveman walk the correct speed when dragging a carcass. His speed is dependant on his intelligence / skill in dragging, how heavy the carcass is, who else is dragging the carcass with him (the more people, the faster), *AND* how much energy he has, which degrades slowly throughout the day.

walkspeed = -((3*skill_meat)/harvestID.myWeight)*max(.3,min(1,myEnergy/40))*harvestID.carriers

Now, I’m no mathmatician, so when I see this code I wonder how in the hell I managed to conjure up such a calculation.

In other news, I’ve changed the blog look again (with a nice custom header), and I’ve locked the suggestions page – I’ve had an overwhelming response and I need to process what I’ve got :)

Rhys Andrews


Gatherers chill with Craig around a bed of rocks.

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