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YoYo Games Competition #5

Hi everybody,
These Christmas holidays have been pretty constructive for me.
Game Maker 8 came out, and it’s been a lot of fun trying out the new features (PNG support!!).

I have been working on a solo project called “Oh No More Zombies!” on and off during the year, and it’s nearing its completion. It’s a simple wave-based shooter, mainly to keep me busy on the game design side @ times when Caveman Craig 2 couldn’t be worked on (recently we made the decision to wait until GM8 came out before continuing development on Caveman Craig 2 – this has lead me to working on Oh No More Zombies in the meantime).

Tim and I have also decided to design an entry for the new YoYo Games “Handheld” competition. We already have a concept and we’re working hard on getting it completed asap so that Caveman Craig 2 can have the attention it deserves.

Some might say that we shouldn’t be working on anything else until CC2 is completed, considering it’s a large project and it has a seemingly large anticipation brewing – we understand, but as a designer I feel the need to release side projects, even if small, from time to time, to keep my mind motivated on game design at all. Hopefully these 2 projects will get Tim and I’s wheel turning again.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

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