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Caveman Craig 2 Update – Drag Assist

Hey guys!
Development for CC2 is now well underway, after many months of planning and conceptualising. To keep you guys excited about its release, I’m going to post very small features that will be included in the game every now and then. The BIG features are for later on ;)

So far we’ve developed the main backend for how the cavemen interact with the environment. The major bugs we’ve had with the previous versions of Caveman Craig involved getting stuck in a loop, or cavemen positioned incorrectly when being eaten by a raptor or something. This new engine for caveman actions will prevent such bugs.

In Caveman Craig 2, cavemen can help each other take carcasses into a cave – it’s no longer just a one-man job. If you’re dragging a dead dino, another caveman can come up and help out, and you both lift it and walk much faster. Some dinosaurs are too heavy for one man to carry, and requires two.

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