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Some new info about Caveman Craig 2, give us your bonus ideas!

*EDIT 28th JUNE* – No longer accepting comments for this post; I needed ideas for BONUSES, anything else please submit to “Post your Suggestions!”. Thanks.

Hey guys!
Great to be able to post again, I hope you’ve not all run away! But I bet you have =

We’re still planning Caveman Craig 2 and putting together the concept, as it’s going to be more than just ‘better graphics, better performance, and new features’. But indeed, there will be a hoobload more new bonuses – they just won’t be ‘bonuses’ as such, but instead expansions and improvements you can make to your tribe and cave. This is important as in Caveman Craig 2, you won’t just be defending your own cave from other tribes and dinosaurs, but you will need to plan attacks on other tribes to become more and more powerful.

So, I’d really like to hear some suggestions for bonuses and expansions to the cave, or specialised cavemen etc that you guys might have. If it’s good enough, we’ll include it! The more the better. Currently we only have 23 bonuses that we’ll be including.

On top of the new found importance of bonuses and tribal warfare, here’s a few ideas we are planning on integrating:

  • More identifiable cavemen, with clothing and accessories.
  • You will no longer train hunters to dodge – all cavemen will know how to dodge by default. I mean, it’s basic instinct, you shouldn’t have to throw rocks at their precious heads.
  • A majority of (or perhaps all of) the preparers will be female. Is that sexist? I don’t know. Tell me if it is xD
  • Cavemen will have humane needs. Their lack of sleep affects their performance and they can eat to regain health. It won’t be like having a 100-person Sims family, getting them all to sleep and go to the toilet before they crap their pants. It will be based on a very simple scheduling feature.
  • The day will progress. You will likely get attacked by other tribes at night, and you’ll have the most huntable herbivores in the morning. Making cavemen sleep when they are least needed will help the flow of your cave – you won’t just fail based on luck.

Hope that’s enough to get you drooling again. Oh, and how about a nice piece of concept art?

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