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The Rivals in Caveman Craig 2…

Hey there! This is my first post!

My name is Tim and I am responsible for all the animation and a fair chunk of the graphics in Caveman Craig 2. Greg Vanderbeek has been doing some wonderful scenery and landscape art too.

The game is really coming together, and I urge you to hang in there and tune into our blog regularly – Caveman Craig 2 is going to be something very special! We know you’ve been waiting for so long.

The main feature in the game will be conquest mode, in which you need to capture checkpoints (see image below) and take over an enemy caveman tribe. We have decided to include 4 unique individual enemies (basically “enemy Craigs” that run the tribe you are against), and I’m going to introduce you to them over the coming weeks… stay tuned!!

Capture Point

This is an upsized example of the capture points located throughout the maps in CC2. To capture a checkpoint, you must throw rocks at the statue's head. Once destroyed, the tribe leader's head (in this case, Craig) will replace the one on there.

5 Responses

  1. Awesome!

    Oh by the way, I’ve been looking around the Caveman Craig site (dunno why, since this blog is updated far more than that is), and I noticed in your FAQs on the “Info” page it says this game will probably be finished mid-to-late 2009. Don’t you think this should be edited?

  2. Brandon

    I like the checkpoints idea. The statue thing is drawn really good!!! :)

  3. spongedude

    Great, why don’t you make a female tribe leader as one of the enemy tribes.

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