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The most FAQ about CC2

When will it be done?
Don’t worry, I can hear you all; I can tell there’s some frustration in the slow progress of CC2. Unfortunately this is what happens when game design is your hobby and not your full time job. Tim and I do have busy lives. I’m studying I.T and music, working full time, and maintaining a home business in web and graphic design. I also try to keep as social as I can.

Some of you may say “that’s fine, but can you give us an estimated release date?” – and to that I answer ‘no’. I don’t want to get your hopes up, plain and simple. At this point we can’t work with deadlines and don’t want to turn out like 3DRealms with Duke Nukem Forever, promising release date after release date and eventually ‘going under’. The game will be out when it’s finished, and that’s the best approximation I can give you =)

What I can say is that when there’s interesting development news or concept art, etc I can show you, this is the place to find it. You don’t need to visit the site from time to time to check for updates – just subscribe to the RSS feed with your favourite RSS app and you’ll be notified when there are updates.

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  1. Lost

    Well, you have lost me as a fan. Knowing ur heart in not in cc2..

    • I’m not here for fans. I’m here because I love game design. If you think my heart isn’t in CC2 you’re badly mistaken. My heart can be in many places. I just have my priorities. Feeding ungrateful fans who expect anything more of me is not one of those priorities.

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