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Second Place!

The results are in, and YoYo Games has determined Caveman Craig @ second place!

Thankyou to everybody who supported Caveman Craig since its release – anything from one small comment to promoting, discussing, suggesting ideas, reporting bugs, etc, helped Caveman Craig reach second place at the YoYo Games’ Ancient Civilisation Competition.

For all the worthy winners and the judges’ review, go here:

Thanks again!
Rhys Andrews and Tim Andrews

7 Responses

  1. $500 is still really good. >.>

  2. Well, I wasn’t really expecting a place at all. This topic is a thankyou not a complaint. :)

  3. Chewie

    Man game maker is hard to do but i just started it so i knink thats why

  4. Ha, this should have got first place… IMO Ancient Ants was not a very good game ;)

  5. MT

    i thought it would’ve been a hard decision for the staff to make. Both were great i thought.

  6. i think your game should be first, the anciant ant game thing should be 5th honorable mention type thing and i honestly think your games ROCK!!!

  7. I thought both CC and AAA were very, very good games, but they were very different games, so I think it would have been a very difficult choice for the judges.

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