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Caveman Craig 2 now available!
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Caveman Craig is an award-winning, unique survival-strategy video game in which you manage a tribe of cavemen and protect them from vicious prehistoric predators. This truly isn’t just a walk in jurassic park! It’s a dangerous world out there, no matter how primitive it may be.

  • Fight off a range of threats.. from rival cavemen to the tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Mixing RTS, Strategy, and RPG elements into a unique experience, training and growing your caveman tribe.
  • Available for Windows and Mac
  • Special Edition includes new dinosaurs, bonuses, improved engine, and more!


Caveman Craig was created by Rhys Andrews & Tim Andrews of Parabox Games.

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  1. patrik

    please add new patch for caveman craig 1 its not fun and i dont have moneys for buy caveman craig 2 or special edition

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