Creators of Caveman Craig, Teka Teki, and more.. 

One more sleep!

Caveman Craig will be available for purchase on Steam tomorrow!

We’re offering a 10% launch discount, making it feel like a bargain at under $9.99 USD (But seriously, it’s worth it)!

If you haven’t already, add Caveman Craig to your wishlist here!

We are very excited, but also so tired after months of late nights and meeting unreasonable deadlines (which we put on ourselves, so I guess we can’t complain). A couple of weeks ago, I took a break from all the lines of code and heartless BETA testing and actually played Caveman Craig, recruiting my real life caveman friend, Nat, and playing co-op!  Check it out, you might learn some new things about the game!

A big thank you to everybody who helped make this possible. To our pre-launch party testers, our BETA testers, our friends & family, the Greenlight supporters, and last but not least our faithful fans! It means a lot to us to hear your stories of playing Caveman Craig since its conception in 2008 and beyond.

Bring on tomorrow!

-Rhys & Tim

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