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Need your Help, Again!

Dearest fans,
I need your help once again!

In Caveman Craig, you have various bonuses which help you grow your tribe faster. Things like spits to cook carcasses, flaming rocks, and so on.

In Caveman Craig 2 we need a new type of bonus – something which will help defend parts of your land against enemy tribes. These sort’f bonuses can be purchased multiple times and placed whereve the player wants them. So, give me your ideas! And please, only ideas of bonuses which defend against enemy tribe cavemen, not suggestions for the game itself.

Some ideas I already have include a spike trap, fortification / wall, an outpost of sorts, and “maybe” a catapult.

33 Responses

  1. Dinohouse. Like a doghouse, except for trained defensive dinosaurs.

  2. Brad

    Nice idea. Yeah, so you can create tammed dinos just like you would with cavemen… I like it… but, It may take a while to apply that feature.

  3. spongedude

    what about an alien invasion? that would help set the dificultty

  4. spongedude

    sorry, bonuses… what about torches? you know, fire scares wild animals.

  5. There are already plans for tame dinos.
    @spongedude – I need bonuses specifically for enemy tribesmen, not dinosaurs.

  6. spongedude

    what about tame the velociraptors? they are more efficient and stronger than a single caveman. perhaps, they could be a leash bonus specificly ( correct my spelling ) to tame raptors for both attacking and defendsive purposes

  7. spongedude

    what about an upgrade to the statue? like a torch that is being hold by the statue can shoot fireballs or napalm but to prevent the game to become easy it needs to recharge again every five shots. that would kill the rival caveman without getting your hands dirty.

  8. When I said “Dinohouse, i ment a tame dino-respawner, to stop the dinos, the enemy tribesmen need to destroy the house. Oh, yeah, and they are small dinos, not velociraptors.

    On an urelated note, how about a guardpost, there would be 1 archer hiding there, sniping (not necesarily insta-kill sniping) the enemy cavemen.

  9. @spongedude
    The upgrade to the statue is an interesting idea.. unfortunately the statue is at the cave and it wouldn’t come into use until near the end of the game. But I could use your idea with a big of tweaking.

    @pickle dude
    That makes more sense. I wouldn’t call it “dinohouse”.. maybe a little cave or hole (a bit like a rabbit hole) with tiny compsagnathus’. Thanks for that. The guardpost is is planning already.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

  10. QWERTY(yubs)

    havnt been on here a while
    an idea to stop enemy cavemen?
    maybe you could drag a pile of rotton dinosaurs and create a meat shield between your cave and them
    a tree falling
    a commando to tell all hunters to throw their rocks at a specified location

    • spongedude

      The meat shield sounds like a scene in the film 300.

    • spongedude

      didn’t we have lightning in CC1. But, if you mean by lightning that struck anything on the ground, it’s not a bonus, it’s more like natural disasters.

  11. QWERTY(yubs)

    one more
    burn a bush or tree and theyll stay away or get burnt

  12. Serge

    How about a Shaman or Priest that will bring down acid rain as a shield, witch will and damage and slow down your enemy’s witch can be activated for (?) 10 sec every (?) 1 รก 2 min or so.


    • pickle dude

      This one’s good. More Shaman means faster cooldown on the acid rain, just an idea.

      • Serge

        Thanks. Iam not sure tho if more Shaman’s is a good idea. Perhaps bringing the Shaman a sacrifice to activate the acid rain would be cool, like rare herps.


  13. The person

    How about scary masks, they would scare off other cavemen. But only like reduce the amount of them coming, like…

    10 enemy cave men come.
    There is a scary mask.
    2 cave men get scared to death and run away because they think like a evil thingy lives there.

  14. The person

    Not shamans, tribe wise people. Like in the movie: 10000 BC. Ah, they are called village elders.

  15. Kerensky

    How about a head on a pike? It would deter other tribesmen but not necessarily wild animals.

  16. Charlie

    Have a lake with a plesiosaur. Or a pterodactyl. Just something that isn’t a usual, land dino.

  17. Pickle Dude

    I like the scary mask/ head on a pike idea, but the head on a pike sounds too graphic for a CC game. Masks, however, will go over verry well for me. I like tribal masks.

    • spongedude

      Too graphic. Are you kidding me, TOO GRAPHIC!!!!!! Haven’t you play CC before! Didn’t you see what happened when a raptor hops onto the caveman!
      There’s blood flying around you, silly! Isn’t that graphic enough for you!!!

  18. Brndn

    Maybe a moat or thorn bushes :D

  19. spongedude

    I got an idea, what about a totem pole kinda thing, you get it by defeating or allying other tribes. with it, you can show off your tribes might and made other tribes fear you, meaning less attacks form rival tribesmen.

    I got that form spore

  20. spongedude

    Oh yeah, if you are a peaceful tribe, rival tribes will be gentle . Being aggressive means you will hated by other tribes, meaning you can’t allied other tribes. Being neutral means you attack or befriend other tribes, depending on the circumstances.

    • spongedude

      I got an idea (although it has nothing to do with the bonuses suggestion), to make the game extra hard, make the carnivorous dino’s steal your carcasses in the caves. Also, rival Raiders that come to your territory to steal your food or dino egg’s.

      Also, bonuses…….. what about ‘Era Berries’, that when in use temporarily evolves your village into a medieval kingdom, giving your caveman superior weaponary for 100 seconds. They are also Modern berries, that give your caveman Modern weaponary and a nuke (evil laugh).

      Hope you consider these stupid ideas.

      • spongedude

        Oh yeah, when you use modern berries if you use the nuke (evil laugh again) the modern berries effects quickly wear out, just to keep the difficulty ( i can’t imagine if Craig launches 50 nuclear missiles at other more primitive tribes)

  21. Rhys Andrews

    Let me just say, I’m loving how you’re all making presumptions about how the tribal warfare works and making suggestions based on that. I appreciate all your suggestions & comments!


  22. spongedude

    So, Rhys, after CC2, what other sequel or expansions would you make?

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