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Meet Neanderthal Neil

Neanderthal Neil

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’d like to introduce you to some new characters that we’ll see in Caveman Craig 2 (to hopefully be released some time this year).

The first rival we will come across is Caveman Craig’s fallen twin brother, Neanderthal Neil.

It is unknown why Craig and Neil no longer get along, but it more than likely involves a brontosaurus sandwich-related dispute. Neanderthal Neil shares identical skills to Craig, and it will be quite a challenge to take down him and his tribe. Just like Craig, his rock-throwing and clubbing know-how will make it hard to defeat the tribe of Neanderthal Neil.

Other facts:

  • Neil and Craig both have indentical ‘gatherer’ bags, both received them from their Grandma Goggette when they were 7.
  • Neanderthal Neil invented Fluoro
  • By defeating Neil, you will be able to play as him in other game modes in CC2.
  • Neil won’t be as big in the game as he is shown in this image. Krokk, that would be scary!

5 Responses

  1. Andrew

    Wow, that’s amazing….. just thought of being able to play other characters in different game modes. I’ve been kinda curious too, what game modes will there be? Or is that going to be a suprise?

    • There’ll be a decent few, including the Classic mode as Tim mentioned, and the two bonus games from CC: Classic and Special edition (meteor dodge, raptor’s revenge). There are some we’re considering and potentially some that will be added as a patch after the initial launch date. We won’t mention any others just yet in case our plans change.

  2. Audioworm

    This is really awesome.

  3. There will definitely be a ‘classic’ mode that lets you play infinitely like you could in the original Caveman Craig. Rhys can let you know about any others.

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