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I’ve created a monster!! + Dinosaur List for CC2

Today I recreated the Gatherer AI. I’m quite surprised to see that he is running around doing things as he should without too much testing – I slimmed down the code (HEAPS) from the other game, optimised it, and modified it to fit the new engine, and after a few quick fixes he’s happily dragging carcasses around and ripping out berries.

I’ve centralised the actions and code between Craig and other cavemen so that conflicts and visual flaws are minimised. Instead of gatherers having a unique code for walking and ducking that’s different to Craig, they simulate key presses according to their actions, to ensure they act just like Craig does. For instance, a caveman can no longer move unless his image is the walking animation – there is no exceptions. The restrictions on when they can perform certain actions is very strict, and clear, and I’ve filled gaps to ensure that a caveman doesn’t stop doing things just because he is too restricted. This also assures minimal redundancy of code and faster performance.

In other news, I’ve laid down a pretty good idea of what dinosaurs we’ll be implementing into Caveman Craig 2. At the moment, there are 5 herbivores, and 5 carnivores, plus a few ‘background dinosaurs’ that will be present but not on the actual battlefield.

Stegosaurus – Huge and hard to take down.
Pachycephalosaurs – A fiesty herbivore who charges into anyone who attacks him.
Triceratops – He’s back and more irritating this time!
Parasaurolophus – The loudest dinosaur ever discovered. These guys run in herds and are hard to hit.
“Herbivore” – No scientific name as such. This is the green dinosaur you see in the original Caveman Craig.

Velociraptor – They still leap on you, and they still eat you.
Allosaurus – A taste of the t-rex. Eats cavemen whole, but is a bit slower in its attack (though runs fast).
Compsognathus – Attacks cavemen in huge packs and hangs until either they or the caveman dies.
Tyrannosaurus Rex – This big ol’ grumpy beast still roams the prehistoric land in CC2.
Dilophosaurus (Jurassic Park style) – A bit like a frilled-neck-lizard except freaking scary, and spits poison at cavemen.

Also present – brachiosaurus, pterodactyl.

I am still going through all the suggestions you guys have (and good suggestions they are) to revise the list.

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  1. softhunterdevil

    When will be Caveman Craig 2 ready ? Cant wait to play it.
    Are you adding any more cavemen ? Or any other difference in cavemen beside scripts (from gamer side)?

    Best wishes … :)

  2. sv

    Hi, I can’t seem to get your game to run on my computer. I’ve downloaded it multiple times from both sources: YoyoGames, and 64bit. I get an error in kernel32.dll running Windows XP Pro. If you could help me resolve the issue that’d be great. Just send me an email and I’ll forward you the full error report.

  3. I hope you add in a Ankylosaurs. With the boney tail, and armored back spikes.

    But I really love the list.

  4. @sv – I’ve contacted you.
    @Orc Leader – We’ll see
    @Softhunterdevil – Yes and yes. There’ll be more types of cavemen but they won’t necessarily work in the same way that hunters/gatherers/preparers do. Cavemen also have many more characteristics and features that Caveman Craig 1 doesn’t have, but we won’t pull away from the original concept either.


  5. I love cave man craig, i cant wait till #2, i just have some suggestions on what i think would be cool.
    1. Fishing ponds and knew caveman that fish
    2. Being able to asign caveman, so instead of training 1 yourself you can say, for example, knuck will teach gark to hunt.
    3. More enemys, like taradactles.
    and finaly
    4. more map space, more plants and tribes to interact with.
    i think those would make the game AWSOME, what ever happens i know it will be great, you can use those ideas. i hope you have fun.

  6. nvm on the taradactle call, i see u added that.

  7. the little green dino looks a lot like a coelophisis


  8. Nirvana/Tytan McAnguns

    i making creatures in 3d
    it can add Razard :

  9. @NirvanaTytan… What?
    @martin – Thanks, is that a herbivore?
    @Supercarson7 – Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll put ‘em all into consideration.

  10. I can’t wait for this game to be finished.

    I’m sure you still have a ways to go, but it sounds great. :]

  11. A few months ahead of us, yes. Hopefully it’ll be out by the end of the year. Don’t worry, before you know it it’ll be available – just make sure you keep this blog bookmarked so you can check out the updates! And tell your mates.


  12. Looking good, that list of dinosaurs will certainly make for some interesting play. While I was disappointed at first that you didn’t choose something bigger than a T-Rex, I think that, for gameplay purposes it was a wise choice.
    I’d like to see more of a variation in environments, and perhaps also the ability to have multiple caves on one map? I don’t know whether that would be possible though..

  13. Jen

    I had a couple ideas for you:

    Berry harvesting should use a different key from grabbing
    carcasses and gathering rocks. It’s annoying to find yourself
    suddenly going berry picking in the midst of battle. Maybe use
    the up arrow instead?

    I would suggest having the cavemen get upgrades too, maybe through performing their action a certain number of times (10 kills, etc.). I had a couple of ideas for skills they could gain:

    level 1: current hunter
    level 2: rocks do a bit more damage and can be gathered faster
    level 3: they gain a club attack, which has very little
    recharge time but does the same damage as rocks, and
    when idle, they will spread out across the map so
    that they can deal with threats more quickly

    level 1: current gatherer
    level 2: walking speed increases, they will replant berry bushes
    when they harvest them and they leave bushes alone until
    they are fully grown (no picking sprouts)
    level 3: they get smarter, avoiding enemies and danger*, and they
    gain the ability to move larger dinos by teaming up
    (requiring maybe 5 of them)

    *This is especially important for them to learn at some point. I have seen several gatherers head straight into the jaws of a
    T-Rex while heading for a tiny sprout on the other side.

    level 1: current preparer
    level 2: they become more efficient, getting more energy for
    the same amount of raw food
    level 3: they become faster at preparing food

    Overall, it’s a great game that I found myself really enjoying. Keep up the good work :)

  14. peterrab

    Great game :) Can’t wait for Caveman Craig 2.

    I like the upgrade idea, and I think you should also be able to tame certain dinosaurs and use them as guards for your cave.

    Maybe there could be stages, and when you acheive certain objectives, you could advance witb say, 5 Cavemen, and there would be more/different dinosaurs and rivals to contend with.

  15. Tim

    I like the stages idea. Perhaps Craig could show some hunters and gathers how to climb up a tree to reach Pterodactyl nests on top of the game, and inside the cave there could be a hidden passage to a lake area. The lake would be useful for water, and a broken branch could extend into the water for fishing. The fish could include aggressive meat-eating plesiosaurs ( and passive plankton-eating Leedsichthys)

  16. Vinicius

    really liked the game specially when i can play as dinosaur =PPPPPP
    sad that some how all my caveman are named “O” dunno why

    there could be larger maps and levels like when you kill the “boss dinosaur” the scenario change or something its a little boring the same background…

    oh and there is a bug on CC1. every time I get enough food to get another caveman the game stops so I have to press Alt + F4 and it runs nicely again (???)

  17. William Marmont

    Some of my ideas that I don’t see above.

    1- Attacking other tribes. This would be great because in Caveman Craig you can’t really attack anything except dinos. All we can do about other tribes is defend from them.

    2- Ability to find and plant seeds.Then we could have different plants. The seeds could be found in bushes or in dinos stomachs when the preparers are preparing them.

    3- More tool upgrades for the cavemen. Preparers get knives, gatherers get some form of wagons to carry more dinos, hunters get slings to shoot farther and do more damage (and the sling would have a rock bag to carry more rocks because a sling fires faster).

    4- New types of cavemen*. Different cavemen tribes to destroy or capture.

    Well that is just about it. * Don’t know if you mentioned that already.

  18. Vinicius

    william that last idea… you could also not only capture other tribes Caveman as you could turn them into a preparer, a gatherer or even a hunter just like any other one

  19. i’d like the ability to attack other tribes, and maybe a multi player mode

  20. What about a shop where you can buy stuff for food.
    Weapons for your hunters, knives for your preparer so that they can preparer food faster and upgrades like a wall or a tower where your hunters can shoot dinosaurs.

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