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December/January’s Etc

Hello all!
It’s been a busy end of year for us, as you know, compiling the demo (now available to those who pre-order) and completing all the prerequisites for that.

Greg & Ricky have completed all their work for the game and now get to sit back and-or move onto other projects. For those who have played the demo, I’m sure you can agree they have done a fantastic job (Greg’s art includes the background scenery and cave design).

It’s down to Tim and I now to finish off the game, and Tim is quickly wrapping the last of his graphical work. As of yesterday, all 35 XP rewards are now completed (though some need to be modified slightly for classic/survival mode) which is a milestone for us. I have been spending the past few days modifying the enemy tribe AI to purchase XP rewards. It’s fun to see them buying veteran hunters or reinforcements when they are in a vulnerable state.

All the levels bar one are now playable although the difficulty still need to be tweaked and tested. One bonus gametype is completed and playable, the others are still in progress.

Sometimes we under-estimate some of our equations. These dinosaurs bred way too fast.

We have a big list of achievements and statistics – these still need to be implemented but the backend code is all ready to go.

Every time I play test, I keep a sticky note with me and write anything that comes to mind – anything from bugs to visual effects ideas and ways to improve the interface. When I’m getting sick of implementing the ‘big picture’ stuff like new gametypes and achievements, I like to just sift through my list and make minor changes to polish and perfect the game.

Soon Tim will begin work on a fresh set of caveman craig merchandise which can be purchased from our zazzle store. We also need to put together some publicity material – trailers and the like.

For those who played the demo – thank you so much for your feedback, please keep it coming! Your ideas, criticisms, and praise will affect the final product! Also, if you do get an error log (it usually opens when the game quits if new errors have been added), don’t hesitate to attach it to an email addressed to rhys (at) paraboxgames (dot) (com) for our ‘analysis’ :)

And what of future projects? CC2’s development is drawing to a close and Parabox Games can’t just ‘stop’ with it. Well, Tim and I always have ideas floating around and it’s just a matter of picking one and going ahead with it. We are still establishing what end of the market to target, and what is going to be the most fun to create (I am of the belief that your best creation tends to also be the most fun to create). The poll results from a few months ago was definitely helpful!

Take care,

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