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Craig’s beefy makeover

Craig with his snazzy new look, chuckin’ rocks as usual.

8 Responses

  1. Bob

    Looks great! But shouldn’t the bag he’s holding swing a little as he throws the rock? Also, what’s that bag for? :)

  2. Depends how tight he’s holding the bag =]
    This is where craig puts the berries he gathers!

  3. QWERT ( Yubs)

    egh seriously dude this is taking forever!!! I hate waiting for it… but I still will check it out the second you release it…

  4. pickle dude

    what’s on his back? (=

  5. QWERT ( Yubs)

    how can he be holding a club like that? shouldn’t he be holding it?

  6. Rhys Andrews

    It’s strapped to his back.

  7. Nice

    Looks perfect, cant wait

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