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Caveman Craig v1.5 plans

When Caveman Craig 1.0 came out the game was very hard and people played for a long long time. Unfortunately, Tim and I made the game a little too easy as versions past and now a lot of people are saying that they found the game pretty boring once they got 10 or so hunters. I want a strong replay value on Caveman Craig, so as a result Tim and I will be working on version 1.5 in the next week or so. Luckily, making the game more difficult is just a matter of tweaking. However, if you guys have any ideas on how we can make the game more difficult without adding much / anything (just tweaking), feel free to comment here!

In other news, I’ve recreated the AI for the hunter, preparer, and gatherer for Caveman Craig 2. In caveman craig 1, I made many holes in the AI that would cause them to act strangly, and as we were very restricted with time I patched up the holes by adding more code, not modifying the current code. So this made the AI a little less efficient (though effective). In CC2, I have made sure the AI is programmed efficiently in a manner where no ‘holes’ / bugs are produced. So far, so good – all cavemen are working perfectly with old and new features. Tim and I really appreciate your suggestions, guys. We’re reading them through and bringing many of them to the table to discuss. Some of them are a little too much concept for too little gameplay, but we’ll of course consider them all.

Concept Art and Screenshots for CC2 soon!!

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  1. Vinicius

    I was reading the last post, gatherers could replant bushes after collecting all the berries so that there’s always food to get, even if there are no dinosaurs walking around …and to only get berries when bushes are full and ready. it’s a nice change.

  2. Vinicius

    oh almost forgot… there could be flying dinosaurs and so hunters with arrows and bows.
    and don’t forget, with flying dinosaurs you also get: that’s right, nests with tasty eggs ( =P ) on the top of the trees! gatherers can do a lot of stuff =D

  3. supercarson

    that would be nice, my suggestion is, for making it harder Try saratops came more offen, they may not do much but for some reason when ever i play it, 3 try saratops kill of my team, it goes from 36 to 23 in 3 trysaratops, i also think t rexs more offen and also make them life live for x2.5 longer, they die to easy and die b4 they get to my preparers or my gatherers, that way its harder to keep up the gathering.

  4. Tim from previous post

    I’m running the download version 1.4, which I got last weekend, and the triceratops keep killing off all of my hunters and gathers… To me, it’s hard enough already…I had 5 preparers, 3 gatherers and 10 hunters, then 2 triceratops and a T-rex came along at once and killed all but Craig and the preparers. Finally build up another time and the double-teaming triceratops kill them again.

  5. Vinicius

    getting back to minor changes, gatherers could also team up to get those dinosaurs that are just too heavy to carry on so like 5/6 gatherers can carry a triceratops and 10 or 15 can carry a T-Rex. of course, to do that you would need to be able to select fully-trained gatherers to follow you and then click on the carcass you want to get, and to make it faster, other caveman can teach what they know to the new ones =)

  6. Vinicius

    oh and to the game get more interesting, caveman shouldn’t last forever so they really have to get old,start to dont be as efficient as they use to be before ( old gatherers can only pick berries, old hunters can do nothing but protect themselfs and old preparers take longer to prepare food )and finnaly die. This way, you always have to get more caveman.

  7. Tim from previous post

    I like the idea of being able to tell fully trained gatherers and hunters to follow Craig. That could help limit the problem of them running right into the jaws of a T-rex or horns of a triceratops.

  8. Thanks for your suggestions.
    In Caveman Craig 2, you will be able to have fully trained cavemen follow you. Other than being able to control where they go, Hunters will help you fight whatever you are attacking, so that you can form gangs to, for instance, help bring down a T-Rex.

  9. How about setting some sort of timer; it appears at the moment that the arrival of the T-Rex is dependant on how many cavemen you have in your tribe; I think that the first T-Rex should attack after a certain time has elapsed, to make the player feel like they don’t have all the time in the world at their disposal and rank up the difficulty.

  10. AracnoX

    Ideas for weapons: A CLUB and a SPEAR.

  11. AracnoX

    How bout being able to explore more.

    Like a map where if you have enough hunters you send them out to a different tribe and they attack, and if successful that could be your territory.

  12. This is not the place to suggest things for Caveman Craig. In fact, we are not looking for ideas for this version of Caveman Craig, only Caveman Craig 2 – and you can go to the “suggestions ” page on the right.


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