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Caveman Craig Press Kit

You’ve reached the press kit for our game, Caveman Craig!

If you would like to download a zipped archive of the press kit and all assets, click here! (It is about 120MB in size)


Fact Sheet

  • Long Title: Caveman Craig: The Tribes of Boggdrop
  • Short Title: Caveman Craig
  • Genre: Strategy, RTS, Adventure, Simulation
  • Developer: Parabox Games (Sydney, Australia)
  • Release Date: 28th August 2015 on Steam
  • Platform: Windows, Mac OS X
  • Store Pages: Steam Store
  • Website: Caveman Craig, Parabox Games (Developer)
  • Price: $10.99 USD (10% discount at launch)


MapOnlyCaveman Craig is a strategy / RTS game set in a prehistoric world of cavemen and dinosaurs. You play as Craig, a tribe leader, as he conquers the 5 enemy tribes of boggdrop. In order to do this, you must build up your tribe of hunters, gatherers, and preparers, in order to defend from predators, and ultimately overrun the enemy tribe’s territory.

Caveman Craig is full of humour and comic brutality. The mechanics are built to be dynamic and random to make each play-through unique. It is a love letter to strategy favourites like Age of Empires, Worms, or Theme Hospital, and to the thrilling concept of man meeting dinosaur.

What makes it different (USP)?

Unlike traditional RTS games, you control only your tribe leader, and from a side-scrolling perspective. Units are created with no skills, and follow the tribe leader until they learn the skills by way of the tribe leader demonstrating tasks to them. Once they’ve learnt their tasks, they go off on their own and support the tribe by filling that role. Tasks include hunting dinosaurs (or defending cavemen being attacked by them), gathering meat and fruit and returning it to the cave, and preparing meat and fruit in the cave, which is converted into credits to spend on more cavemen.

Caveman Craig stands out from current indie releases as a strange mix of simulation, strategy, and action. It’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and grants the player freedom to experiment with different units, rewards, and strategies. The random nature of the AI gives players unique stories to tell about their play throughs.


  • Hilariously brutal battles of rock, spear, and claw! Rawr!
  • Five conquest levels, with 35 unlockable special units, equipment & perks.
  • Grokk-loads of secret unlocks to help you along the way, including some really stupid cheats.
  • All the dinosaurs we love to fear! T-rexes, velociraptors, triceratops, walruses.. wait what?
  • Lots of extra game-types, including custom games and survival mode.
  • Share the experience with your mates – compare your stats with Steam leaderboards, or grab a controller and play split screen co-op!
  • An epic soundtrack by platinum selling composer, Ricky Garcia (LaFee, Jordan Rudess).
  • Steam trading cards, leaderboards, cloud, achievements, statistics.

About us

Parabox LogoParabox Games was founded in 2010 by brothers Tim Andrews and Rhys Andrews. We’ve loved playing games growing up, and tinkered with making games our entire lives. Our goal at Parabox is to make games that inspire the same joy and create the same kinds of memories that we had as kids – and not just for kids, but for anyone who yearns for authentic and rewarding games similar to those of yesteryear.

Our flagship creation is the Caveman Craig franchise, but we have also made a number of small, casual games including Teka Teki, Oh No More Zombies!, and The Treasure House Game.

The vision for Caveman Craig had its beginnings in 2008, with a casual version of the game created for the YoYo Games Ancient Civilisation competition. We came second place, and used the resulting momentum to release a special edition later in the year. Caveman Craig 2 was released in 2012. CC2 was greenlit on Steam in early 2015. We took the opportunity to remaster the game considerably, adding features, improving performance and compatibility. To appeal to the new Steam audience, we renamed Caveman Craig 2 to simply Caveman Craig: The Tribes of Boggdrop.

Media Assets



Sprites and Illustrations

Icons and Logos



Created by Rhys Andrews and Tim Andrews

Rhys Andrews | Programmer, concept & design
Tim Andrews | Animation, art, voice acting, sound effects
Ricky Garcia | Music
Greg Vanderbeek | Additional art


For further information, or to arrange an interview or request a press copy of the game, please contact us here! We would be so glad to hear from you.

You can also add us on Skype – our skype username is rhys.autumnhouse

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    I am George from and i am glad to contact you. My team would like to make review of your new game Caveman Craig and show it to our community. If you can to prove us 1-2 or more copies of the game we will be really, really happy. At GameBox, we’re all about having fun, but when it comes to reviews we take things seriously. Reviewing games is the most important thing we do, because this is when we help you make a decision about how to spend your money. Our goal is twofold: Offer a critical view of how a game succeeds or fails at what it’s trying to do, and to give you all the info needed to determine if a game is worth your time and hard-earned cash. We will try to contact you for the review soon as its possible.


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