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Caveman Craig Discovery Update!

Hey folks!

I’m excited to announce a new update to Caveman Craig, currently available on steam (Mac and Windows)! Version 1.2, or as we’re calling it, the Discovery Update! As a finished game, we typically wouldn’t add in new features, instead updates would strictly be bug fixes and compatibility updates. But we want players to discover all the hilarious, cool, or plain random moments that happen in the world of boggdrop, so we’ve come up with some new achievements for incentive! Plus, we listened to initial feedback and decided to add in some new functions.

Here’s the complete changelist for version 1.2

  • Added 12 new achievements! These achievements encourage players to try new things and just feel generally productive and special. Including 4 “Gold”, 4 “Silver”, and 4 “Bronze” achievements. Extra imaginary points are awarded to anybody who takes a screenshot or video clip of these achievements being unlocked!
  • You can now combine the flaming rocks and double/triple rock rewards for extra ridiculous power!
  • In the caveman overview screen, you can now right click on the task icons to make units of the selected type unfollow Craig*.
  • The 2nd player can now be controlled by keyboard as well as game controller, or have those keys mapped to an otherwise unsupported controller. Click here to learn how to play co-op! *

Plus some tweaks & fixes..

  • Summit Showdown no longer skips first opponent.
  • Fixed a bug with one of the cheat.
  • Fixed crashes caused by engine update in 1.1c
  • Tweaked the difficulty in 1st level (if you haven’t finished that level yet, now’s a good time to give it another crack!)
  • Fixed glitch with spacing between characters in in-game text.

* features marked with an asterisk were available for Windows only in a recent patch, but was originally intended for this update.

Now’s a great time to pickup Caveman Craig and give in to your instinctual urges to thump dinosaurs! 


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