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Caveman Craig BETA Program Invite

Hey everybody!

The pun is inexcusable, but we are “full Steam ahead” with the upcoming release of Caveman Craig. If you’ve been following us on twitter, we posted a few weird screenshots of our BETA testing experiences over the weekend.

You should soon see the game details on the Steam store, and more details will arrive soon after on pricing, dates, and so on.

We do have a sort-of unfortunate announcement regarding the BETA program mentioned in our previous post. While we would love to provide early BETA access to everyone who owns Caveman Craig 2, we found out that it’s frowned upon and not always allowed by Valve, for a mass distribution of BETA keys.

So instead, we are offering any purchasers of Caveman Craig 2 to ‘opt in’ to the BETA program. We only have a limited number of spots, and our schedule is really tight! So if you are interested in working closely with us to make Caveman Craig as awesome as it can possibly be, please opt in using the Google Form!

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  1. Jay

    Hi there! I’d love to give this game some coverage on our website but didn’t own Caveman Craig 2 previously. Are there any beta keys for review purposes?


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